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Find Your Customized Solution, AMC Materials.

Alliance Material Co. Ltd is the innovator in adhesive materials used to provide customized solutions for advanced processes in diverse fields including semiconductors. Our expertise in formula modulation at macromolecule materials enables customers to meet any process conditions. At AMC Materials, you would find a unique solution from a different perspective.

Core Technology

Semiconductor Process Material

  • Clean Pad (WAT, CP, FT)
  • Molding Release Film
  • BG Tape

Functional Material

  • Warpage Control and Carrier Film
  • Thermal, UV, Laser, and Cool De-bonding
  • Acid, Chemical, High-Temperature Resistance

Adhesive Application Material 

  • Ultra-high Adhesion
  • Micro Adhesion
  • Special Adhesion


  • Release Carrier Film
    AMC carrier film is flexible, with four debonding ways to meet the different process demands. It could be applied in diverse fields and would not cause any residues<br />...

  • Cool Release (Optical Grade)

    With excellent optical properties, cool release film suit for flexible film sensor and process protection. The adhesive strength could be changed by decreasing the temperature.


    • High-Temperature Resistant :

    100℃~140℃for short time

    • Chemical Resistance :

    Resist acid (aqua regia), alkali (KOH), and etching chemicals

    • Easily Peel:

              Cooling (<5°C), for no residue, removing

    Thermal Release

    AMC thermal release tape could be designed based on process temperature, applied in the CSP process, and other carrier processes.  


    • Chemical Resistance
    • Diversified Design
    • Cost-effective
    • Easily Peel

    UV Release

    With high adhesion, would not cause scatter or shift during dicing and could reduce viscosity via UV light. UV release tape is used for the dicing and carrier process in glass, LED, and semiconductor fields.


    • Displacement/Rupture Prevention
    • Low Energy Viscosity Reduction
    • Wide Applicability
    • Cost-effective

    Laser Release

    The liquid solution has a flexible application property, suit for colorless film sensors process and other applications.


    • Chemical Resistance
    • Heat Resistance
    • Thin Coating
  • Clean Pad
    A clean pad designed for probe pin cleaning through the unique adhesive coating, could withstand a wide range of temperatures and improve the yield during the probing process...

  • Probe cards are an indispensable item in the semiconductor testing field. However, after a period of probing, the particles, dirt, and carbon sediment will deposit on the probe pins. To maintain the testing quality, the clean sheet plays an important role, but the abrasion issues came out.

    With different technology, AMC clean pads do not contain any abrasive particles. We adopt adhesive coating to remove the sediments from the probe pin, suitable for any probe pin type, especially crown type. In addition, it is not only available in the chip probing process, but in final test solutions, could match with a variety of socket dimensions.


    • Practically without abrasion
    • Needle shape protection
    • High flexible structure
    • Cost-effective
  • Balanced Film
    A balanced film designed for warpage control through special lamination methods also could withstand high temperatures and harsh chemical reactions during the process...

  • To achieve high efficiency, cost reduction, and wearable devices, IC packaging processes are gradually going towards advanced wafer-level and stack packaging, which caused the warpage issue to become serious increasingly.

    The most common solution for warpage is equipment transformation, but time-consuming, costly, and high uncertain. Based on material properties, AMC developed a better solution, a balanced film.

    It could control the warpage in all directions arbitrarily and peel easily without any residue to protect the adherend.


    • Warpage Control
    • Thermal Stability
    • Chemical Resistance
    • Wide Applicability