FST International H.C., Ltd.

Hsinchu County, 
  • Booth: K2384
  • - 1st Floor

Looking forward to seeing you at our booth #2019!

FST International H.C., Ltd. has following products for semiconductor and related electronic businesses

1. CMP Process Monitor including particle size, zeta potential, and H2O2 concentration. Most of major fabs have our systems:

Major Brands and Models:

•PSS (Particle Sizing Systems): FX Nano, FX Nano OnLine, Acqusizer 780APS, 780AD, Nicomp 380, Nicomp 380 ZLS, Nicomp N3000

•GMTI: Global Measurement Technology Inc: SemiChem 4012, SemiChem APM.

  • Xigo Nanotools: Acorn Flow to measure dispersion quality and stability.

2. AMC & FOUP Environment Control based on Proton Transfer Reaction (PTR) Mass Spectrometer and Ion Mobility

Major Brands and Models:

•Ionicon Analytik: PTR-TOFMS TOF 1000, TOF8000, QiTOF

•IUT Technologies: IMS, GC-IMS

3. Gas and chemical trace contamination measurements:

Major Brands and Models:

•Thermo Fisher Scientific: APIX

•Bartec: 5673 for moisture and oxygen

•CIC Photonics: FT-IR for specialty gas QC

4. Life safety gas detecting system:

Major Brands and Models:

•DOD Technologies Inc., a new innovative gas detection system by using ChemLogic

Technology for toxic gases application.

•New Cosmos, Gas detection and alarm system for industrial use.

5. Thermo-electric property measurements by Linseis

  • Thermo diffusivity

  • Thermo conductivity

  • Seebeck coefficient

  • Electric resistivity

  • Dielectric analysis