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1. Company introduction


With our original high resolution X-ray source, fine sensor device and composite material can beanalyzed  by X-Ray and CT.

Besides, we have achievement in semiconductor industry and we are able to contribute in-line customized auto X-ray inspection system in your production line with our experienced technology.

2. Product description

Product name:  All-purpose nanoscale X-ray Inspection system TUX-3300N

Product description:

The system is nano-scale X-ray nondestructive inspection system for high definition analysis especially in research and development field.

Product details:

With our original unique X-ray tube, micro electronic device and high density semiconductors can be analyzed with the highest magnification and brighter X-ray. Besides, our X-ray tube can be analyzed with lower X-ray damage which is less impact for semiconductor die of memories and imagers.

TUX-3300N is suitable for Not only 2D but also 3D analysis by CT scan.

In addition, as for optional of TUX-3300N, we can provide x-ray reflow simulator unit which can analyze the void movement of the solder joint area with X-ray video image while heating up.   

On top of that the system, it can also be upgraded to Semi-Auto inspection system.