ICS Technology Co., Ltd.

Chu-Pei City, 
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Welcome to iCS!

iCS is a professional provider of manufacturing tools, equipment, measuring instruments and PM services mainly in semiconductor industry. In addition to semiconductor industry, iCS also expands its business to photonics and TFT-LCD industries by launching new products and materials as well as relevant after services both in Taiwan and in China.

Our products are iCS Catalytic Waste Gas Abatement Equipment including GASSMITH GS-080 / GS-200 / GS-400 & EZM-110;  BASF Catalyst; Solvaysolexis Fomblin / Galden PFPE; AmProfilm SLR Film; Hirota SSD Evaluation Tool; UNIC Display related Equipment and Semiconductor related Equipment and etc.. With a well-known good reputation for its service, iCS also provides a wide range of absorbent refills, facility piping engineering, dispersion head cleaning services and testing services with professional facility in class 10 and class 1000 clean-room.