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We insists that our attainment comes from customer''s success

Latent Technologies Inc. was founded in 2004. We provided our customers with services including selling consumables, customized machines, and post-sales maintenance in the field of semiconductor industry. In addition, Latent Technologies Inc. is vigorously trying to contact with manufacturers in Europe and Japan, trying to give the best supporting services and technical backstopping to our customers.

At the end of 2007, the solar industry was flourishing, and at that time Latent Technologies Inc. has started to be the exclusive agent of PVA TePla, whose mono-crystal growing systems share the first market proportion in Europe.

The foundation of PVA TePla could be traced back to 1991. Pheiffer Vakuum Anlagenbau(PVA) was a famous company concentrated on the construction of systems for the production of material using high temperature(3000°C), vacuum and pressure(100 bar). Especially the furnace for industrial industry shares over 50% in the global market. In 1999, PVA TePla acquired Crystal Growing Systems (CGS) GmbH by using management buyout. CGS was a spin off from Leybold-Heraeus Systems, focusing on the construction of crystal growing systems for the semiconductor industry. In 2004, PVA Tepla took over the floatzone crystal growing activities of the Danish company Haldor Topsoe. Nowadays, PVA TePla has become one of the top ten companies in the crystal growing systems. Simultaneously, it is the only professional company who can provide all the commercialize crystal growing systems.

To satisfy customer''s needs and provide them with better services, Latentek becomes the exclusive agent of HRSZ''s SiC powder in 2008, Arnold Gruppe''s silicon manufacturing system in 2011, Reicat''s argon recycling system and Bruker''s high temperature superconductor magnet in 2012. In 2013, Latentek even becomes the partner of JEOL Ltd. and start to provide our customers with the advanced products in the field of SEMs and high power electron beam sources.