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Manock Industry Co., Ltd. recommend containers tailored to customer''s needs, based on our expertise gained through experience since our establishment. We offer a wide selection of pressured containers prioritizing cleanliness, function and safety for transporting high purity chemicals for semiconductors and medical use. The internal container is made of carefully selected materials to prevent leakage of impurities and the occurrence of particles is reduced to the limit by forming clean air blow.Since pneumatic transportation with clean air is possible, high-purity chemicals can be transported in a clean state without contacting air.

In today''s electronics industry, "thinking about the global environment" is an important theme. While companies around world are becoming global, we believe that our mission is to deliver safe and environmentally friendly products to all our customers. Since our establishment,we have always strived to be a reliable company in response to customers'' opinions and requests.

Manock Industry Co., Ltd. aims to be a company that advances towards the future and grows together with our customers.