Marposs Company

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The headquarters facilities are in Bentivoglio, about ten kilometres north of Bologna, Italy.

The headquarters consist of  three factories set side by side, plus other service buildings (an internal restaurant and technological centres).
The total covered space measures 38,000 square metres, surrounded by 30,000 square metres of gardens, plus yards and parking lot.

This is the location of the central research and development, design, production, marketing and education/training organizations.

The manufacturing organization has two major components:

  • the Product Manufacturing Center which produces standard products;
  • the Application Manufacturing Center, which produces customized systems to be integrated into customers' facilities.

Marposs operates with the most advanced equipment to assure the quality of its products.
For instance, the assembly of printed circuits is performed on a completely automated SMD line, integrated with opto-electronic systems which assure optimum levels of quality together with a high degree of operating flexibility. Testing is made with advanced technologies and machines: full circuit inspection using mobile inspection probes perform boundary scan-type tests, the only ones capable of performing high reliability tests on printed circuit boards with complex integrated circuits.

Both Manufacturing Centers work in tight cooperation with the R&D department and with the three commercial divisions:

  • the Machine Tool Division operates in the world of measurement and control on machine tools;
  • the Standard Component Division works in the field of standard gauges and components for the gauge makers;
  • the Special Application Division covers the area of customized gauging stations (manual benches and automatic machines) tailored on the specific customers reques


    Marposs NCG gauge is a thickness gauge based on interferometric technology. The gauge has been designed to control the thickness of different type of parts, glass, plastic and silicon wafers....

  • Marposs NCG gauge is a gauge to measure thickness based on interferometric technology: light waves, which are reflected at the layer boundaries of different surfaces of the object being measured, are brought to interference and the layer thickness is then calculated. The gauge has been designed to control the thickness of different type of parts, glass, plastic and silicon wafers. Thanks to the infrared light source is possible to measure none transparent materials too.

    Our gauges are designed to improve and maintain machine cycle times, quality of the final product and to control the process before, during or after key operation steps.

    Marposs NCG is a high-speed elaboration gauge that can be connected to any machine for accurate and fast part thickness control. It could be used on a fixture or inside a machine, in dry or wet environments within the limits specified in the technical data.

  • Optical pen + Fibre + Controller
    In order to optimize the choice of your sensor, it is essential to begin by choosing your optical pen according to your accuracy and measuring range needs....

  • The optical pen or optical probe is the measuring head of the sensor. It is connected to the controller thanks to an optical fiber.

    The various optical pens are defined by different measuring ranges and resolutions.

    A single controller can work with several optical pens.

    Chromatic Confocal technology is the optimized solution to produce different types of high-accuracy measurements. Each optical pen offers a working distance, a measurement dynamics, a spot size on the target as well as an angular opening of the light beam, making it unique.

    Optical pens perform without contact with the target. They cannot alter, nor deform this target when measuring it. Besides, with the right choice of measurement dynamics, there is no need to refocus the light beam on the target for a series of measurement on identical objects.

    As chromatic confocal optical pens do not require any energy sources and do not have moving parts, they are – in principle - unalterable and do not require a reset or a zero-setting during a series of measurement.

    RedCrown2™ is the latest generation of pencil probes developed by Marposs, to provide the highest metrological performance levels in any application....

  • Red Crown2 is a line of measurement pencil probes with high precision ball movement and various connection options. They can be used in numerous applications and combined with various interfaces.

    The range also allows for a high level of customisation based on the customer's specifications, to provide optimal solutions for every requirement.

    The analogue Red Crown2 version, with LVDT or HBT transducer, can be used with standard Marposs electronic units as well as with other electronic units available on the market.

    These measurement devices are also available without connector (UNPLUGGED), so that the user can select his preferred connector.

    The Red Crown2 USB version, integrates all the interface electronics of the transducer inside the USB connector.

    The measurement can be displayed with Marposs electronic units (Nemo, Merlin, E9066) or with a direct connection to a device with a USB port, that sees the Red Crown2 USB as a virtual COM port.

    Marposs has developed software for the measurement acquisition (U-Com, Easy Acquisition and QSPC); or a list of simple protocol commands can be used to integrate the measurement in other third party programming environments.

    Both static and dynamic measurements can be performed (maximum sampling frequency: 1000 acquisitions/s).

    The digitised Digi Crown2 version, combined with the Digi Crown Network System, guarantees high levels of measurement accuracy thanks to the linearisation data stored in the connector memory. The network interface box can read the error map and perform an automatic compensation.

    The information stored in the connector guarantees the connection to the  Digi Crown Network System without having to program the individual probe (plug&gauge).

    Both static and dynamic measurements can be performed (maximum sampling frequency: 4000 samples/s).

    Even though designed for the Digi Crown Network System, the Digi Crown2 probes can be connected to the standard Marposs LVDT interface devices. 

    It’s the ideal instrument to check wire samples, optical fibers and magnet wire....

  • The XLS gauges are programmed with a dedicated software and are completed with a display unit, a remote control, some fixturing to hold the part and a base-plate for bench-top use: using this “Table-Gauge” assembly you can rapidly check the diameter and the ovality of a number of different products, to an accuracy that previously could only be obtained in a metrology lab, using much more expensive equipment with specialized personnel. 
    Irix ™ is a family of non-contact sensors based on chromatic confocal technology capable to measure distances and thicknesses on any material, which is transparent to white light....

  • The Irix controllers family is made up of different models (1 and 2 synchronized channels) which, in combination with the huge variety of optics (Marposs and Stil), allows to offer excellent metrological performance (up to nanometer).

    Built with the highest quality standards, Irix is a robust and reliable product suitable for use in an industrial environment.

    The acquisition of Stil within the Marposs group contributes with more than twenty years of experience in this type of technology to provide solutions in multiple application contexts. All Stil confocal probes are compatible with Irix ™.