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SEMICON TAIWAN 2015 Exposition and discover a full range of F.A. Tools for Professionals.

Our state-of-the-industry, advanced instrumentation from RKD Engineering will be on display, including our emphasis on 2.5 and 3D integrated products and assemblies so necessary for IoT present and future developments


Our advanced technology products include:


The Mega Etch Elite A Dual Acid Decapsulator with patented technology ensuring the preservation of Silver, Copper and Aluminum components. Our Mega Etch Decapsulator with ESD protection offers the most sophisticated professional grade advanced dual acid Decapsulator available from any vendor. No longer is there a requirement to remove components from PCB’s before decapping


I53  is a Dosing Pump to introduce low volumes of a protective solution directly into the  etchant acid stream. This system can be added to any RKD Decapsulator. To prevent metal loss from samples that use silver alloy wires, I53 can use an aqueous solution of potassium iodide and iodine as a corrosion inhibitor. Other corrosion inhibitors can be formulated for other bond wire systems.


UltraPrep is a precision micro CNC and is the only backside thinning and polishing system to incorporate predictive look-ahead software for die warpage correction during silicon thinning and polishing. Capable of sample preparation of die from 5mm2 to as large as 38mm2 with concurrent die warp correction for both grinding and polishing processes. Final polished surfaces down to 3 microns are compatible with all SIL lens configurations for Photon Emission Microscopy.  Average thickness variation across the die is better than + 5 microns with no die breakage.


Our legacy technology is that of dual acid decapsulation and to support this sample preparation modality we also offer small precision CNC machines that can be used for heat sink removal, gasket and alignment plate design and manufacture eliminating the cost and unnecessary time delays involved in ordering specific gaskets and alignment plates (NanoMill and MicroMill)


The gasket material we use is a specially treated AFLAS material that originates from Asahi Glass Company.


Make an appointment with us during SEMICON TAIWAN to arrange a demonstration or to run samples for an evaluation of our technologies.