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感謝各企業長期支持華稻公司, 在半導體界我們將提供永續服務!

Head office - INABATA (INABATA & CO.,LTD. ) was founded in 1890, is a 130 year trading company in Japan , and has established more than 60 business offices in 17 countries around the world.

Founded in 1989, TAIWAN INABATA is a 100% owned subsidiary of INABATA ,

Located in the strategic market of North East Asia, It has been cultivating and operating in Taiwan and has made great achievements over the years.

The agency projects are mainly display related materials and equipment, semiconductor materials, engineering plastics, industrial chemicals, etc. 

In recently years,  have stepped into sensors and water treatment materials.

In recently years, TAIWAN INABATA have stepped into sensors and water treatment materials. upholds the management philosophy of “RESPECT”and “LOVE”of the INABATA (head office) in Japan.  People respect each other , and in the pursuit of sustainable business management, also hope to contribute back to society.