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Enlitech was founded in March 2009. Enlitech is customer-oriented company and is committed to provide customers with the best product and service solutions. The core technologies includes artificial light source and spectrum analyzing technique. 

Enlitech’s four main product markets include image sensor testing solutions, advanced photoelectric detector testing systems, quantum efficiency test solutions, and various light simulators.

The industries Enlitech serves include Semiconductors, Materials Research, Aerospace, Automobiles, electronic components, Photovoltaics, etc.

Enlitech is committed to provide the testing solutions  making the optical sensors better. The main goal is to increase the core competitiveness of our customers’ products. These sensor testing solutions include wafer-level image sensor opto-electronical properties testing, wafer-level quantum efficiency testing of optical sensors, ambient light sensor testing, CIS module inspection, photo-receiver testing in 5G optical communication, dToF photodetector testing et. al..

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