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ITW EAE, a division of Illinois Tool Works, Inc., is the global leader in process knowledge, services and manufacture of capital equipment used in the printed circuit board assembly and semiconductor industries. The group brings together the world’s leading brands of electronics assembly equipment: MPM Printers, Camalot Dispensers, Electrovert Cleaners and Soldering Solutions, Vitronics Soltec Soldering Solutions and Despatch Thermal Processing Technology. For more information visit


  • Camalot® Prodigy™ Dispensing System 点胶系统
    The Prodigy™ employs breakthrough technology to enable higher process speeds, more precise accuracies, tighter tolerances, and higher yields for the semiconductor market.<br />Prodigy™采用突破性技术,为半导体市场带来更快的工艺速度,更精准的精度,更严格的公差和更高良率。...

  • Smarter, Faster and Highly Versatile

    The Prodigy™ dispenser is designed and built to deliver high-speed, extremely accurate dispensing. A state-of-the-art XY gantry system is the heart of the system. A rigid frame design and advanced linear drive enables fast point to point moves, high accuracy and long term repeatable performance.

    NuJet™ is a new jetting technology for the Prodigy that eliminates the use of a needle and incorporates a state-of-the-art pneumatic actuator that generates an operating frequency of up to 300Hz.  

    Dynamic Dual Head™ (DDH) offers the unique ability to double dispense speed while maintaining the highest level of accuracy for both dispense pumps. The patented design corrects for part to part rotation in “real-time” allowing synchronous dispensing of both pumps. 
    New IR Temperature Sensors measure in “real time” the top-side board temperature. Closed-loop control maintains the product within the specified temperature range ensuring process stability and increasing yields for underfill applications.


    Prodigy™ 点胶机专为高速、极其精准的点胶而设计和打造。最先进的XY轴驱动系统是系统的核心。坚固的刚性框架设计融合了先进的线性驱动结构使点到点的移动更加迅速、高精准和长期的可重复性。

    NuJet™ Prodigy的一种新型喷射技术,它不需要使用针头,采用最先进的气动装置,速度频率最高达300Hz

    Dynamic Dual Head™ (DDH) 动态双头点胶具有独特的双倍点胶速度,同时双点胶泵保持最高精准度。 已获专利的设计可以“实时”校准,不管部件间如何旋转,实现两个点胶泵同步点胶。

    新的红外温度传感器可以“实时”测量顶部电路板温度。 闭环控制使产品保持在指定的温度范围内,确保工艺稳定并提高底部填充应用良率。

  • MPM® Edison™ Printer 印刷机
    The Edison is the most accurate printer in the market, with advanced technology needed for ultra-fine pitch and micro aperture printing processes. <br />市场上最精准的印刷机,先进的技术能满足超细间距和极细孔径印刷应用。...

  • Designed for semiconductor yield improvement.

    The MPM® Edison™ meets the challenge of component miniaturization in the semiconductor market with proven print process capability greater than 2 Cpk for 0201 metric components.

    • ±8μ @ 6 sigma alignment repeatability (≥2 Cpk)
    • Optimal coplanarity: Ultra-tight coplanarity between stencil and substrate
    • No print deviation: Single load-cell closed-loop squeegee-force control eliminates front-to-back variation and maintains set force across the entire board surface
    • Highly effective stencil wiping: Patented paper tension control
    • Contamination free print area: separate wiping and printing zone prevents cross contamination
    • Secured thin substrate for consistent print quality: Venturi adjustable vacuum system
    • Consistent printing quality and stencil protection: Large, flat blade-landing zone
    • Minimized changeover: Super-size 5-inch (12.7cm) diameter paper roll
    • Adaptable down to 18-inch stencil: Adjustable stencil shelf and adapter
    • Small footprint: Compact design
    • Industry 4.0 connectivity: OpenApps for customizable MES interface


    MPM® Edison™ 可满足半导体市场中元件小型化的挑战,经过验证的印刷工艺能力大于2 Cpk,适用于0201公制元件。

    • ±8μ @ 6σ 对准重复精度 (≥2 Cpk)
    • 最优化的共面性创新的机器设计使模板和基材之间实现超紧密的共面性
    • 没有印刷偏差闭环压力控制的单个高精度测压传感器消除了压力前后变化,整张电路板表面的设定压力保持不变
    • 高效率钢网擦拭: 已获专利的擦拭纸张力控制
    • 印刷擦拭区与印刷区隔离以避免交叉污染
    • 确保薄基板印刷量始如一文丘里可调真空系统
    • 如一的印刷量和钢网 大平面刮刀着陆区域
    • 更少更: 超长65米擦拭纸卷
    • 小到 18 英寸的模板适用: 可调钢板架和连接器
    • 占地面小:设计紧凑
    • 工业4.0追溯: OpenApps 可定制的 MES 通信界面
  • Vitronics Soltec Centurion™ Reflow Soldering Oven
    The Centurion™ is a forced convection reflow system for reflow of semiconductor packaging with tight, closed-loop process control. <br />...

  • Meeting the most critical and demanding semiconductor reflow requirements.

    With an efficient heat transfer design, Centurion has a low energy consumption rate. Its reliable and robust design, backed by over 20 years of experience and capability, ensures high uptime even with the toughest reflow requirements. The patented CATHOX™ (Catalytic Thermal Oxidizer) dramatically reduces maintenance requirements while keeping a clean process environment that is critical for Semiconductor processing. 

    Tight, closed-loop process control including closed-loop temperature controlled water cooling enables semiconductor customers to control cooling zones just like heating zones and meets the special cooling rate requirements for the industry. 

    Nitrogen atmosphere is used to reduce oxidation of surfaces and minimize voids in the interfaces. Centurion’s chamber design in Nitrogen systems prevents air from getting into the process. It also comes standard with a quick purge system. Optional closed-loop PPM control automatically regulates oxygen levels. Nitrogen recirculation in the Flux Management System significantly reduces nitrogen consumption.

    The Centurion offers smart software solutions that provide traceability, performance verification and enhanced efficiency. The new "idle mode" reduces power and nitrogen consumption when the machine is idle, reducing power consumption by up to 35% and nitrogen by up to 40%.
  • Electrovert Cleaning Solutions
    Designed to provide complete cleaning process flexibility, superior cleaning and drying performance, process monitoring, and reliability.<br />...

  • Electrovert cleaning equipment plays a critical role in semiconductor fabrication and are utilized in multiple steps, including degreasing, cleaning prior to electroplating and underfill, cleaning after bumping and wire bonding, and carrier debonding of fan-out packages.  

    Cleaning helps to remove flux residue, excess adhesive, grease and oils to ensure proper bonding and material distribution and avoid defects and increase yields. Electrovert cleaners are designed to deal with small, lightweight semiconductor products such as lead frames, BGAs, wafers and 3D stacked packages. The Aquastorm™ delivers a small spray-jet mist that is less than 40 PSI. It delivers a dynamic combination of chemistry, thermal, and mechanical forms of energy at the surface to effectively clean under low stand-off and difficult to clean components. Integrated into the machine cabinet, the Torrid Zone™ delivers a controlled dynamic process that effectively removes moisture. Typical performance includes drying complex assemblies to within 0.1 gram of prewashed dry weight. The technology reduces exhaust requirements by 44% and uses 15% less power than conventional drying systems

    The MicroCel™ cleaner uses centrifugal energy for unparalleled penetration, solubilization and containment removal for advanced packages including flip chips, MCMs, SIPs, BGAs, CSPs, and hybrid electronics. 

  • Despatch Thermal Processing 热处理
    Clean process ovens designed for polyimide baking and curing applications.<br /><br />Despatch ovens provide clean process, low oxygen, fast cycle curing of adhesives and polymers used in high-volume semiconductor packaging and assembly.<br />...

  • Despatch ovens have superior temperature uniformity of ± 0.5% of setpoint and offer SEMI S2/S8, CE, and SECS/GEM communication. Low particulate environmental controls protect from contamination and low oxygen levels prevent oxidation. Despatch ovens are used for adhesive bonding and curing, encapsulant curing, underfill curing of CMOS optical sensors, die attach and BGA, B-stage adhesive curing, polyimide curing, metallic thin film annealing, and photoresist curing.

    The Despatch PCO2-14™ electrically heated oven was designed to meet the specific process requirements for hard baking polyimide coatings in an inert atmosphere. This high-performance, clean process oven (ISO Class 5/Class 100 recirculated airflow) offers many unique components, including a pressure relief system, an oxygen control system and a process monitoring system which allows the oven to achieve the strict oxygen level and atmospheric requirements involved in polyimide curing.