AccuDEVICE Co., Limited

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An Electronic-Grade Gas equipment / instruments provider.

AccuDEVICE - An Electronic-Grade Gas equipment and instruments provider.

AccuDEVICE is providing <0.1 ppb impurity level gas purifier and ppt level analyzers. Not just the agent to global famous manufacturers, AccuDEVICE also provide Custom-Make equipment manufacture service as the key value to helping customer to own a most suitable device. 

Began in 2012, AccuDEVICE has been published various gas instrument and equipment with own brand name to the market and meet the demand from various customer.

  1. C.Q.C System.

  2. Purity Dowser Analyzer.

  3. Particle Dowser ( Particle Counter ).

  4. Multi Dowser Analytical System.

  5. API-MS Analytical System. 

  6. Purity Security System.

  7. Intelligent Gas Cabinet & B.S.G.S.