Sonix Inc

Zhubei City, 
  • Booth: L0526
  • - 4th Floor

the Ultrasonic Expert! Collaboration. Insight. Advantage.

Since 1986, Sonix has pioneered many of the breakthroughs in image accuracy & process productivity that have helped wafer & chip manufacturers literally transform the world. We consistently found the right answers to very difficult problems. 

Today, Sonix acoustic scanning microscopes are used by leading manufacturers globally to perform nondestructive inspection of bonded wafers & packaged semiconductors, from the development lab to the production floor. These high performance systems deliver the high-resolution images & advanced diagnostic tools that semiconductor designers and fabricators need to verify reliability, qualify new designs, monitor production & improve process control.

Technology innovation & leadership are our core. We make substantial R&D investments, and developing novel solutions to meet evolving market demands.  We collaborate with our customers to address today’s needs & tomorrow’s innovations.

Together with Tektronix, whom become our parent company since Jan/2017, we co-invent with the engineering team alot of breakthrough technology for inspection world. We have changed the world since in terms of metrology and non-destructive inspection for R&D, FA and even production customers.

Clearer & superior imaging, greater & faster throughput, swifter responsiveness — that’s few of Sonix''s advantages among the others to maintain our market leadership position.