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CASTEC was founded in March 2005, specialized in equipment manufacturing and committed to the development, design and manufacture of automation equipment. We have an excellent team of R&D engineers. Our product applications cover traditional manufacturing, hospitals, semiconductor, footwear and bio-technology. Our products are customized according to customers' requirement, regardless of design, planning or system integration, to maximize both the output and yield. CASTEC is one of the best performing suppliers in Taiwan. Company's operation is stable and growing, profit increasing over the years. We value every employee, and provide them with a good working environment, as well as a space to learn and grow.


  • i-Operator
    智慧型搬運機器人<br />...

  • i-Operator 結合6軸協作型機器手臂及Mobile robot ,成為移動性智慧機器人。並能自動規劃行走路徑、不需要貼磁條、地圖導航,並可用中控管理平台直接為機器人安排工作。友上i-Operator榮獲2022年台灣精品獎

    i-Operator offers a mobile robot solution using a safe, 6-axis collaborative robot .

    i-Operator navigates by itself through a digital map.  It does not require magnetic tape track, and does its own path planning.  And receives Taiwan Excellence 2022 award

  • iTS

  • iTS 為友上科技自主研發之無軌式AMR智慧型移動機器人,透過雷射定位,可自行規劃行走路徑,並動態偵測環境,主動閃避障礙物。iTS 可負載重量為100kg / 250kg /500kg。iTS可提供多項輸出/入連接埠,可整合固定料架、傳送帶、機器手臂等不同需求之應用,提供使用者更多元的自動化載運解決方案。

    iTS-300 is an AGV developed by Castec.

    iTS-300 uses LIDAR technology to detect and avoid obstacles, identify the environment, and is capable of performing path planning.

    iTS-300 provides multiple I/O ports, easily integrates with peripherals such as racks, conveyor belts, robotic arms, etc for numerous automation applications.