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Precision Polymer Engineering (PPE) designs, develops and manufactures high performance elastomers, delivering advanced sealing solutions for critical semiconductor applications.

PPE has developed a comprehensive suite of semiconductor sealing products proven to extend maintenance cycles, reduce particle generation and lower chamber leakage rates, in the harshest of operational environments. PPE products include O-rings, KF/ISO/NW fittings, wafer handling components and custom-made components.


Perlast Helios is a high purity perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) that offers outstanding long-term mechanical performance and excellent plasma resistance in high temperature semiconductor applications of up to 310C.

This FFKM is fully organic, offering unbeatable cleanliness and extremely low trace metals when compared against competitor FFKMs. Our new elastomer grade also outperforms competitor FFKMs against aggressive plasmas at high temperatures, including high concentrations of fluorine radical plasmas. 

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PERLAST and KIMURA are a step-change in elastomer sealing for the semiconductor industry.

PERLAST perfluoroelastomer seals are used in dynamic and static applications, designed to provide excellent mechanical properties with extended high temperature performance and improved chemical resistance - with specially developed compounds offering exceptional plasma resistance.

KIMURA seals provide a unique self-reinforcing polymer structure, eliminating the need for fillers and ensuring a seal of the highest purity.

We look forward to finding an ultra-high purity sealing solution which is perfect for you.


  • Perlast Helios
    Perlast Helios is a fully organic, high purity perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) sealing material, developed to increase yields and reduce process contamination in semiconductor applications....

  • Features of Perlast Helios:

    • Fully organic, high purity perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)
    • Extremely low trace metal levels
    • Excellent plasma resistance
    • High temperature performance up to 310 degrees Celsius
    • Outstanding long-term mechanical performance

    Perlast Helios has undergone rigorous benchmarking tests against the leading sealing materials currently on the market, in order to qualify its material characteristics.

    The test results demonstrated excellent sealing performance at temperatures up to 310 degrees Celsius. The elastomer material grade also outperforms competitor materials against aggressive plasmas, including high concentrations of fluorine radical plasmas.