Hsinchu City, 
  • Booth: I2207
  • - 1st Floor

Kanaue Applied Materials Corp. is a leading provider of material technology solutions with a broad portfolio of innovative equipment, tooling and spare parts, substitute materials, and cleanroom consumables for the manufacturers in semiconductor, TFT-LCD, LED and optoelectronics. We design, manufacture, sell and service for our customers.

Kanaue Applied Materials Corp. is comprised of a professional team who are equipped with rich experience in high-tech industries, deeply dive to channels and have led numerous successful projects for local and overseas customers in developing substitute materials and equipment.

The core values of Kanaue Applied Materials Corp. are Integrity, Conscientiousness, Unity and Sharing. We emphasize employee value and social responsibilities. Our vision is to commit our technological leadership and advancement through differentiated and innovative system, products and service. The long-term benefits for our customers are assured, such as increased yield, enhanced productivity, improved quality and reduced cost-of-ownership.

2 subsidiaries in Taiwan (Hsinchu, Tainan) are in place for prompt support to our customers in semiconductor, TFT-LCD, LED and optoelectronic industries.