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RKC has been continually growing for over half a century since its establishment as a specialist of industrial control equipment. As a solution provider of measurement and control, RKC is involved in development, sales and other aspects of business.
RKC provides: Hardware + Software + Peripheral equipment to satisfy the industry needs.
The hardware includes various controllers for temperature, pressure and other processes, power controllers, field network converters, sensors, and custom designed products.
The software includes consulting, engineering, before- and after-sales service.
Peripheral equipment includes various peripheral equipment necessary to build up a solution.
To always provide products of high quality and high reliability, RKC builds and conducts quality management systems at all stages from development, procurement, manufacturing, sales through to shipping and after-sale service.

 Press Releases

    • Level measurement and 8 level outputs are possible using one tube.
    • Not influenced by adhering materials.
    • Available with gravity correction function which eliminates correction by actual fluid and EMPTY/SPAN adjustment function which is implemented through one-touch operation.
    • This instrument can be also used as a fluid volume meter and a pressure meter.https://www.rkcinst.co.jp/english/products/8148/

  • Easy temperature measurement
    Temperature can be measured by simply applying the tip of the sensor
    to a tiny object or inserting the sensor into tiny gaps.
    No dust generation (Polyimide sheet type)
    Durable adhesive tape

    The adhesive tape can be repeatedly applied to and detached from various types of surfaces.
    <Durability of adhesive tape>
    • Up to 150°C (302°F) : Repeated use and detachment is available.
    • Up to 200°C (393°F)
    When temperature stays above 150°C (302°F), repeated use and detachment is available.
    • Up to 250°C (482°F)
    When temperature stays above 200°C (392°F), repeated use and detachment is available.
    • Higher than 250°C (482°F)
    Adhesive part will be burnt. Repeated use is not available.



  • Module type Process/Temperature Controller : SRZ
    Measurement accuracy: ±0.2% of displayed value<br />Sampling time: 0.25 sec.<br />4-channel control per module<br />Front loader communication port<br />Digital Input/Output and CT Input Modules<br />Communication converters of various field bus communication can be connected....

  • Various dedicated modules are available

    Z-TIO: Temperature control modules : Temperature/Process control modules

    Z-DIO: Digital input/output modules: Modules that can handle mode switching and event outputs.

    Z-COM: Extended communication module: Module used for data management when a communication conversion module is connected.

    Z-CT: CT Input Module: Modules for handling CT inputs for heater break alarm, multiple CT monitoring and overcurrent alarm.

    Connected to various field bus network (Communication converter)

    Connection to Ethernet network (MODBUS/TCP, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, PROFINET)

    We can also provide communication converters that can handle connection to CC-Link, DeviceNet, PROFIBUS, and MECHATROLINK.

    For the details of the communication converters, please click here


  • Program Controller PZ400 / PZ900
    Measurement accuracy: ±0.1% of displayed value<br />Sampling time: 0.05sec.<br />16 patterns by 16 segments (Max.256 segments by linking patterns)<br />8-Level PID<br />11-segment 5-digit LCD display<br />Direct access keys for easier operation<br />Front loader communication port...

  • Main features

    The current status is obvious at a glance (Large display + 3-stage display)

    Various information is displayed on the large LCD.

    At-a-glance monitoring of the controller.

    Use of direct keys simplifies the operation

    Frequently used keys are assigned to the direct keys. This avoids operator’s operation errors and thus realizes easy-to-understand key operations.

    The controller adjusts setting according to the equipment to be controlled. (Level-PID automatic setting)

    Level-PID function is widely used on Ramp/Soak controllers.

    Level setting of each level is automatically calculated by the controller.

    Without advanced knowledge, the initial setup will be automatically completed by the controller.

    Front loader communication port

    All models are equipped with a front loader communication port for improved maintainability Configuration data management software (PROTEM2) is available

    This model can be used in advanced applications that were only handled by upper models

    16 segments by 16 pattern The pattern link function allows setting up to 256 segments.

    Up to four time signal outputs can be provided in one pattern. The use of logic operation allows setting up to 4 points per DO to handle complicated external sequences.

  • Digital Controllers GZ400 / GZ900
    Measurement accuracy: ±0.1% of displayed value<br />Sampling time: 0.01 sec.<br />11-segment 5 digit LCD display<br />Front loader communication port<br />Dual input function<br />Plug-in construction<br />...

  • High Speed Sampling Time 10msec.

    Feedback control with 100 samplings per second enables controlling a fast changing process that was difficult to control. Such applications include pressure, flow rate, and pulse heat.

    2 inputs for various applications

    2CH (Dual loop) control
    Dual loop control is available on a single controller.

    PV select function
    Input 1 and Input 2 are switched over at a preset level.

    Differential temperature control
    This is a function to control to maintain the difference between PV1 and PV2 is kept constant.

  • Film Type Temperature Sensors ST-50 series
    Thin Film Type K Thermocouple Temperature Sensor available in thickness of 0.34mm and 0.13mm.<br />Rapid response is best suited for temperature profiling.<br />...

  • Main features

    Film Type Temperature Sensors

    0.34mm Fiberglass Non-Woven Film or 0.13mm Polyimide(PI)Film are avaible. Ideal for measuring temperature of small objects.

    This is a type K thermocouple

    With the dedicated cable with a connector (W-ST-50A), the sensor can be connected to the input terminal of the instrument configured for thermocouple input type K.
    Wide selections of cable end types are offered. For example, Y-shaped crimp terminal or TC connector.

    Excellent response

    Since thermal capacity of the sensor itself is very small, temperature can be quickly measured. This makes the sensor suitable for collecting temperature profiles.

    < ST-50B / ST-51B / ST-51SB characteristic curve>

    Easy to measure temperature with a cable clamp

    Bare end type sensors (ST-50B / ST-51B / ST-51SB) are offered for temperature measurement of tiny objects.

    Insulated Type

    The insulated type (ST-51SC) probe prevents the thermocouple wires from contacting the target directly and measures temperature correctly.

    *Heat resistant tapes or similar products are recommended while sticking the sensor to the target.

    Measures max.300°C temperature

    Use of silicon adhesive enables adhesion on almost any objects except some hard-to-bond articles.
    ※ No Siloxane is generated.

    Up to 150°C: Capable of repeated use by sticking/removing the sensor.
    Up to 200°C: Capable of repeated use on condition that the temperature is not lowered below 150°C.
    Up to 250°C: Capable of repeated use on condition that the temperature is not lowered below 200°C.
    Above 250°C: Readhesion is not possible.
    ※The number of repeated use depends on the operating environment

  • Back-pressure type level meter LE100 / LE110
    <br />Level measurement and 8 level outputs are possible using one tube.<br />Available with gravity correction function which eliminates correction by actual fluid and EMPTY/SPAN adjustment function which is implemented through one-touch operation.<br />...

  • Level measurement using one tube

    Inactive gas is supplied to the tube installed in the tank and level is measured using the back-pressure inside the tube that is generated according to the fluid level.

    LE110 is a back-pressure type level meter based on LE100 with additional differential pressure (gauge pressure and atmospheric pressure) function. This instrument can be used in a tank where the pressure inside the tank changes.

    The use of PFA tube enables measurement of corrosive chemicals.

    Easy initial setting (Empty/Span adjustment)

    The range set by the high and the low limits is displayed as 0-100%.

    Can be used as a liquid volume and a pressure meter

    The linearizer function enables level measurement of a vessel with a complicated shape.

    This instrument can be also used as a pressure sensor with high repeatability (±0.3% of span).