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Professional Supplier for PVD Deposition Equipment

Junsun Tech starts its business in 1992 and serves numerous customers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and south asia. With over 28 years' professional expertise in vacuum technology and thin film fabrication using PVD technology, we mainly serve customers in optoelectronic and semiconductor industries, from the small laboratories in universities and research institutes to the very big manufacturing FABs in the industries. We provide below products and services:

  • State-of-the-art PVD machineries
    • E-beam evaporation deposition machines
    • Sputtering deposition machines
    • Thermal resistive evaporation deposition machines
    • Plasma enhanced e-beam/sputtering deposition machines
    • Molecular beam epitaxy machines (MBE)
    • Atomic layer deposition machines (ALD)
  • Key components, consumables and spare parts for PVD machineries
    • UHV wafer cleaving systems for laser diode fabrication
    • MW ECR plasma source for plasma etching process
    • RF ICP plasma source for plasma-enhanced deposition process
    • Plasma emission monitor (PEM) for monitoring plasma/sputtering process
    • Particle-free ultra clean high vacuum valve
  • Customization of PVD machinery for specific R&D demands
  • Technical services
  • Contract manufacturing for DLC thin film

If you are interested in our products or services, please contact us soon.

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  • Temescal 6100 e-beam system for 200mm substrates
    Ferrotec's Temescal 6100 e-beam evaporator is designed for metallization on 200mm substrates to meet expanding demands for RF filters and emerging CS heterogeneous integrated substrates....

    • The UEFC- 6100 is designed for source-to-substrate (SR) distances of 43” (1092 mm) or 46” (1168 mm) to achieve < 5 degree incident angles at all locations on a wafer’s surface. 

    • Dual-axis and patented no-contact, magnetically driven HULA (high uniformity lift-off assembly) wafer motion ensures excellent uniformity across multiple process conditions. HULA motion also delivers the highest material collection efficiency for precious metals by minimizing the need for large area uniformity masks while maintaining a high wafer packing fraction. 

    • Throughputs are further aided by the intelligent conic chamber designs; which minimize and optimize both volume and total non-substrate coated surface areas within these systems. These factors improve pump down times by minimizing outgassing surfaces and their coating based degradation in pump times due to condensate build-up over multiple operating cycles. 

    • A large 25x (200 mm) wafer batch also improves throughput while limiting the need for tracking split lots that may be required in smaller tools. As the size and value of the wafers increases, automated wafer handling becomes more preferred. This new system design is matched with the Ferrotec Wafer Valet automatic wafer handling system to eliminate the need for operators to handle individual wafers, which speeds tool load and unload times and reduces the risk of handling errors. 
  • Ferrotec E-beam Evaporation Deposition Components
    Ferrotec provides the preferred solutions (including guns, power supplies and controllers) for precision coating applications...

    • E-beam sources

      The design of these guns is integrated (Center mount) guns, by utilizing an integrated feedthrough to route all connections through a rotatable center mount with all the fittings positioned outside of the vacuum chamber. We are offering series of single-pocket guns (max withstanding power 5kW~10kW) and multi-pocket guns (max withstanding power 6kW~10kW) for precision applications such as optical coating. 

    • E-beam power suppliers

      The Carrera series of power supplies uses primary switched mode technology to offer high efficiency and fast arc detection and recovery in a compact unit. Based on a modular design, the Carrera can be configured for maximum outputs ranging from 3kW to 12kW

    • E-beam controller

      The Genius2 Multi-function Integrated Electron Beam Controller, a unique new component-level solution for simplifying electron beam systems. With the Genius2 controller you can consolidate components, reduce costs and simplify management of common functionality though a unified interface. The Genius2 controller is designed to work with integrated feedthrough e-guns and Carrera series power supplies.
  • CCR COPRA ICP Plasma Sources
    The unique feature of COPRA plasma technology is the high degree of plasma excitation efficiency in combination with scalability from R&D to any kind of industrial production scale....

  • One essential feature of the COPRA Plasma Technology is that due to the particular excitation mechanism of the plasma, for any kind of molecular gases the degree of dissociation is always close to 100%. The high amount of atomic species is only controlled by the COPRA design itself and is not depending on the rf-power. Beside the high degree of dissociation in all COPRA sources the plasma density can always reach values of more than 1E12/cm³, which is guaranteed by a high power coupling efficiency of up to 90%. The independent control of Ion Energy and Ion Current Density as a function of rf-power makes the COPRA so important for the next innovation step in precision optics thin film deposition.  

    We are providing following COPRA plasma sources for different applications:

    • COPRA Round Plasma Sources

      Round plasma sources has series of different plasma openings, ranging from 84mm diameter to 380mm diameter, which is suitable for substrate size ranging from 3”diameter to 12” diameter. Customization is possible upon request.
    • COPRA Linear Plasma Sources

      Linear plasma sources has series of different plasma openings, ranging from 358mmx156mm to 1100mmx201mm, which is an ideal tool for sputter assist or PECVD applications. Customization is possible upon request.
    • COPRA Ring Plasma Sources

      Ring plasma sources are especially developed for large area high rate PECVD process such as SiM, SiO, TiO, Al2O3 or DLC etc. For static PECVD Processes the RS-Sources are suitable for substrate sizes up to Generation 4.5 and in dynamic processes they are still running for substrate widths of more than 3 meter.

      The patented COPRA Matchbox is anytime an integrated part of the Source itself. Due to the special Source design and the existing experience of CCR for more than 20 years as an independent Plasma Source Manufacturer it is possible to customize every existing source to the special requests of the customer i.e. Process, Substrate and Chamber size.
    • COPRA Built-in Plasma Sources

      The build-in plasma sources have been designed for Plasma ion-assisted deposition (PIAD) in PVD applications at low temperatures in order to achieve:
      • higher atomic or molecular packing density in the thin-film layers (increasing index of refraction), 
      • minimizations of wavelength shift, 
      • higher adhesion and lowest absorption levels.

    COPRA plasma sources are easy to install and renowned to be maintenance poor they contribute to optimize your coating costs. No arcing and spikes on substrates and/or films, no filament and no electron emission grid needed! Variable RF-power independent ion energy settings allow to perform your film with the exact energy values you will need preventing surface damages and stress build-up.

  • Sairem Microwave ECR Plasma Sources
    Solutions to create a large and uniform volume of plasma: innovate self-matching ECR plasma sources working with 2.45 GHz solid state generators....

  • We have 2 ECR plasma sources:

    • Aura Wave

      Aura-Wave is an electronic cyclotron resonance (ECR) microwave coaxial plasma source which can sustain stable plasmas from 10 -4 to 10 -2 mbar (0.01 Pa to 10 Pa). Permanent cylindrical magnets are encapsulated and mounted in opposition inside the coaxial structure, allowing the generation of a magnetic field towards the plasma chamber in order to limit losses to the walls.

      The source makes it possible to reach plasma densities of 10 11 cm-3 in multisource configuration at 10 cm from the source plane with most gases.

    • High Wave

      Hi-Wave is a collisional type microwave plasma source and can operate from 10 -2 to 10 -1 mbar (1 Pa to 100 Pa). It is thus intended to operate without magnets in the collisional regime.

      Plasma densities greater than 10 12 cm-3 can be achieved in multisource configuration at 10 cm from the source plane with most gases.
  • VTEX Ultra Clean Particle-free HV Slit Valves
    Clean Vacuum Valve Solutions for miniaturized semiconductor process...

    • Fast & precise valve control. Our control valves can connect maximum 2 pressure sensors and high-speed control of pressure and position. This also makes it possible of conductance zero controlled by combining with Penduroll Valve APC type. 
    • Low vibration during opening/closing operations.
    • Low particle. Unique mechanical design has greatly reduced particle generation during opening/closing operations to ensure clean environment for demanding semiconductor manufacturing process.
    • Long life time. Our vacuum valves have excellent durability that can endure the standard operations of 10000 cycles.
    • Customization. We also offer products of specific specifications, including valves all metal valve, FCV (Fast Closing Valve) and ultra-vacuum valves. Please contact us for more information.
  • SVTA Wafer Cleaving System
    UHV wafer solution for laser diode: increase threshold for catastrophic optical damage of laser diodes for increased power and brightness...

  • The solution is integrated system for:

    • Ultra-High vacuum cleaving to prevent xxidation
    • MBE evaporation of high band gap, lattice matched materials to passivate laser bar facets
    • Low temperature evaporation to protect ohmic contacts

    The integrated system has following features:

    • Highly and in-situ adjustable cleaving apparatus
    • Virtually maintenance free pperation (high MTBF)
    • Wide range of passivation materials: Si, ZnSe, AlGaAs... 
    • Optional hydrogen/oon treatments possible
    • Manual or semi-automatic mode of operation

    Hardware specification of cleaving system:

    • 15 mm wide by 15 mm long Wafers 
    • Cassette for eight wafer blocks or bar transfer blocks 
    • Estimated Throughput (Maximized) 
      • 60 to 80 bars per run 
    • Estimated Time Per Run (After pump down and Outgassing) 
      • One hour plus deposition time