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FitTech, a leading brand of LED/LD test solutions and a professional corporation of developing automatic equipment and system integration for the optoelectronic, semiconductor and laser industry.

We provide advanced LED, LD(VCSEL/PD,DFB/FP)wafer/chips testing system, laser micromachining systems(such as drilling, scribing, cutting, marking, inking system)and laser cleaning systems(in applications such as cleaning rust, oil paint, oil stain, welding bead, etc.).


  • Auto laser wafer marking system
    Precision and efficiency laser wafer marking system from FitTech provides multiple marking forms, including texts, numbers, barcodes, 2D code, QR code, etc., for product identification and traceability through the manufacturing process....

  • ■ Support 4” to 6” wafer marking

    ■ High quality, throughput, and reliability production

    ■ Small footprint

    ■ Highly-readable marks

    ■ Cleanliness level

    ■ Laser air cooling system

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  • Handheld laser cleaning system
    Comparing with traditional cleaning method, our machine can clean rust, surface oil stain, oil paint, de-coating, etc. easily without chemical or polish, and none damage to the materials....

    • Markets:

      Automotive industry/ shipbuilding/ sheet metal processing/ precision component / semi-conductor/ metal equipment

    • Applications:

      Cleaning rust, oil paint, oil stain, and de-coating, etc

    • Materials:

      stainless steel, Iron, Copper, etc. metal materials

    Advantages and applications of laser clean


    Laser cleaning is the process of removing oxide, coating, contaminated, dust, etc. layers on metal surface by laser irradiation. Compare with traditional clean methods (i.e. chemical, sandblast, dry ice and supersonic clean, etc.), laser clean machine is an extremely gentle, faster, and eco-friendly clean method without requiring consumables.

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    Sample of Laser Clean

    Rust remove

    Welding Bead cleaning

    Mold cleaning

    heat treating film cleaning

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  • Low temp. VCSEL probing and testing system
    The corresponding model type can provide various testing items, such as Near Field Pattern, Far Field Pattern, eye safety, divergence angel, M2, Emitters distribution, uniformity and so on....

    • Markets

      Optocommunication industry

    • Applications

      Probing and Testing

    • Materials

      Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL)

    ■ Highly integration for mechanism & Highly stability

    ■ Support -10℃~85℃ testing

    ■ Support LIV curve measurement

    ■ Integrated system for prober & tester

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  • PD probing and testing system
    PD probing and testing system can collocate with corresponding standard light sources and perform PD component responsivity, CV / IV measurement to assist customers in judging important features of PD performance....

    • Markets

      Optocommunication industry

    • Applications

      Probing and Testing

    • Materials

      Photoelectric Diode

    ■ Highly integration for mechanism & Highly stability for testing

    ■ Assembled with XYZ axis for auto coupling

    ■ Responsivity measurement and support customized standard lighting setup

    ■ Support CV & IV curve measurement

    ■ Compatible for high temperature measurement

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