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Corning Precision Glass Solutions provides glass-based solutions for emerging applications in microelectronics. We are a one-stop shop for glass wafers and panels, plus supporting solutions including automated laser-cutting, best-in-class metrology, coatings, and optical design expertise. Our products support a wide range of customer applications including Wafer-Level Optics, Carriers for Fan-Out Packaging, and Augmented Reality. We leverage Corning’s more-than 165 years of materials science expertise and proprietary manufacturing platforms to deliver rapidly customized solutions to our customers. Learn more about us at www.corning.com/precision-glass-solutions


  • Custom Glass Solutions
    Custom Glass Solutions specializes in providing customers with made-to-order, display-grade glass in custom sizes and quantities, suitable for a wide variety of applications....

  • Corning® EAGLE XG® Glass enables display panel manufacturers to produce thinner, lighter, and more environmentally friendly displays. Our new Corning® EAGLE XG® Development Kits offer customers access to Corning’s industry-leading display glass in small quantities. Products are offered in several sizes and thicknesses with 10, 20, or 50 pieces available per kit.

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  • Augmented Reality Solutions
    Corning delivers high-index glass ranging from 1.7 index and above available in 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm sized wafers for augmented reality applications....

  • Corning provides leading glass-based solutions for cutting-edge augmented/mixed (AR/MR) reality devices. In addition to offering high index glass wafers, we also offfer world-leading flatness measurements systems from  Corning Tropel® Metrology Instruments and automated laser-glass cutting systems from Corning Laser Technologies. 

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  • Carrier Solutions
    We offer ultra-flat glass carriers available in a wide range of CTEs from 3.4 - 9.5 with available sizes in 150mm, 200mm. and 300m....

  • Corning provides high precision glass carriers for temporary bonding in advanced semiconductor packaging processes such as silicon wafer thinning and fan-out level processing. Our ultra-flat glass carriers have superior surface quality, thickness, and edge strength, making them the substrate of choice for advanced packaging.

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  • Wafer-Level Optic Solutions
    We offer multiple glass and ceramic compositions, various coatings, bonding and structuring techniques, and world-class measurements to provide customers with optimizes solutions for wafer-level optic applications....

  • Corning has a suite of optical glasses ideal for sensing applications, including a range of material compositions optimized for CTE, refractive index, and dielectric properties. These optical glass wafers are used to make micro-optic components for sensing applications, including refractive and diffractive optical elements, lightguides, meta lenses, IR and UV filters, and more.

    From Corning® HPFS® Fused Silica to fusion-drawn optical glasses, we have a variety of materials with tightly controlled geometric tolerances to meet demanding customer requirements for wafer-level optic applications.

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  • Corning Laser Technologies
    Offers innovative laser cutting and drilling technologies with distinct advantages over conventional processes....

  • Our machine platforms serve a wide range of emerging applications that require precise and flexible glass processing technologies. They are designed for 24/7 operation in an industrial environment. Designed for substrate sizes from 10mm x 10mm up to 2.5m edge length and glass thicknesses up to 10mm, Corning Laser Technologies enables flexible adaption to individual customer design requirements.

    Learn how Corning Laser Technologies is a one-stop-shop for laser processing requirements.

  • Corning® Varioptic® Lenses
    Our technology is ideal for use in demanding industrial applications that require robust, accurate, fast, and long-lasting lenses....

  • Corning® Varioptic® Lenses rely on the electrowetting principle where the interface of two liquids is modified when a voltage is applied. This eliminates moving parts, bringing a unique competitive advantage to the market, and enabling fast focus.

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