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在SEMICON TAIWAN 2020,聯剛科技將在高科技智慧製造未來展區J3050展出智慧製造、節能機房、安防管理三大主題的解決方案,包括生產戰情中心建置方案、辨識運算自動控制系統、PLC資料收集及控制系統、機台聯網通訊建立、生產資料備份轉移系統、BIG DATA邊緣運算方案、及數位環控告警系統。

Accordance Systems Inc. was established in 1998 as a manufacturer of data storage systems. Our ARAID product line has been sold worldwide for over 20 years to customers in all industries, from infrastructure and finance to manufacturing.

In recent years, Accordance has developed Smart Factory Solutions for intelligent manufacturing. We offer solutions for production line automation, remote management and control, operating system transfer and backup, PLC data collection and control, environment monitoring, and surveillance. Our highly experienced team provides services from software development and product design to system implementation and maintenance. Accordance strives to provide customers with a complete solution that meets their every need and helps them lower costs, improve efficiency, and achieve intelligent manufacturing.

At SEMICON TAIWAN 2021, Accordance Systems Inc. is located at booth J3050 of the SMART Manufacturing Journey (1st Floor). We will be presenting our solutions and systems.

  1. Centralized monitoring and control of production lines (RCVM)
  2. Automated recipe selection and production management (RCM-OCR)
  3. PLC data collection and control (PLC PLUS)
  4. Machine-host communication (SECS)
  5. Operating system and data backup (ARAID)
  6. Environmental monitoring and warning, and security (EMS)
  7. BIG DATA Edge computing 


  • RCVM: Remote Control Video Management
    Simultaneously monitor up to 64 production machines, and remotely manage and troubleshoot from a central command room...

  • Due to the large area of factories and the time it takes to enter clean rooms, when an error occurs in a production machine, operators are often unable to troubleshoot the problem immediately, leading to losses in revenue. Accordance provides total solutions for the remote control and management of production lines. An add-on module to the PC base machine transfers control of the machine to a remote command center. A centralized management platform allows simultaneous monitoring of up to 64 machines. User authorization is required to control the computers. Full-time recording of operations and from CCTV cameras make troubleshooting more efficient and increase machine uptime.

    Product Advantages & Features

    a. Cut down on the time spent moving between fabs

    b. Centralized management of production machines across different fabs

    c. Real-time monitoring of multiple machines on a single screen

    d. API integration and customization features

    e. Compatible with all operating systems and interfaces

    f. Increase machine uptime

    g. Replay machine operations for fault analysis and troubleshooting

    h. No lag or image distortion when remotely controlling the machine

    i. Increase man-machine ratio

  • ARAID: Non Stop Raid 1 System
    Real-time backup of operating system and production data for non-stop operation; supports IDE and SCSI interfaces, allowing data to be transferred to SATA-interface drives....

  • Accordance provides data transfer and back up service, especially for older production machines. The systems transfer data from HDD with IDE and SCSI interface to HDD with SATA interface. The Raid 1 mode provides simultaneous backup of not only data, but also the operating system. An HDD failure will no longer cause important production data to be lost. With hot-swap support, there is no need to stop the production to replace faulty HDD, maintaining machine uptime.

    Product Advantages & Features

    a. Transfer data from IDE/SCSI interface drives into SATA interface drives without needing to change the machine interface

    b. Eliminates risk of being unable to buy replacement IDE/SCSI drives and of using second-hand drives

    c. Simultaneous backup of data to 2nd HDD for extra level of protection

    d. Machines can continue operating even with one drive down; hot swap support saves time and effort

    e. Identify problems and errors from LCD messages and buzzer warnings

  • SECS
    Implement semiconductor equipment communication protocols to automate data collection, parameter editing, and recipe selection...

  • Accordance specializes in SECS/GEM communication standards and has plenty of experience in various kinds of physical implementation. The SEC/GEM communication standard applies to the manufacturing and sealing process of the semiconductor industry, providing the communication standard between the machines and the host. In order to accomplish machine automation, Accordance is dedicated to assisting the customer in defining the SECS/GEM specification for the application, while at the same time providing machine data for the customer’s integration application

    Product Advantages & Features

    a. Highly customizable, including real-time optimization of manufacturing process and response to product requirements

    b. Enables automatic data collection, remote monitoring, parameter alteration and recipe selection

    Data collection and remote-control system for PLC-base machines<br /><br />...

  • Accordance provides the PLC PLUS, a dual-way monitoring module specially designed for PLC machines. The PLC PLUS can collect data from the PLC and simulate the local HMI signal, which allows the operator to monitor and dispatch commands to the PLC remotely. With Accordance’s PLC PLUS, there is no need to change the settings of the local PLC device and no need to re-define the logic of the auto control system. Furthermore, additional HMI can be added onto the PLC PLUS gateway, which resolves the obstacle that no operation can be done through the existing HMI.

    Product Advantages & Features

    a. Simulate HMI signals through PLC PLUS to collect data and remotely control the PLC

    b. No need to alter PLC equipment setup or redefine the system logic

    c. Three different types of data collection available

    d. Data collection and remote control function for PLC without communication interfaces
    Upgrade production machines to automate variable verification, recipe selection, data collection, and alarm response....

  • Accordance is the first to come up with the concept of RPA machine management. The integrated edge calculation system AIO (All in One) includes a KVM to obtain video images and control of the machine, image recognition technology such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and AOI (Automated Optical Inspection Solutions), and computer macro recipes. It can quickly upgrade a non-automated machine into an automated one. By using the AIO to communicate with MES, production data comparison, automatic recipe selection, auto data collection, and automated alarm clearance can be swiftly implemented

    Product Advantages & Features

    a. Cost less than directly upgrading the production machine to support SECS/GEM communication standard

    b. Upgrade non-automated machine into semi-automated machine

    c. Reduce the risk of human error in recipe selection

    d. Automatic data collection

    e. Automatically clear machine alarms

  • Big Data (Edge Computing)
    Bringing distributed computing on the cloud to the site of the industrial manufacturing line. Improving the calculation ability of onsite systems, collects heterogeneous big data and provides machine learning solutions....

  • Accordance Systems provides Edge Computing systems, bringing distributed computing on the cloud to the site of the industrial manufacturing line. The solution improves the calculation ability of onsite systems, collects heterogeneous big data and provides machine learning solutions. It realizes real-time data analysis, in-time device, and production index monitoring. From production of data, collection, and analysis, to providing a basis for future decisions, the original data is turned into valuable knowledge. The information accumulated from past experiences will assist the industry in refining the manufacturing process, elevating production efficiency, and realizing smart manufacturing.   

    Product Advantages and Features.

    a. provides real-time data transmission and reaction

    b. only upload necessary data updates into MES, decreasing data bandwidth and improving data transmission efficiency.

    c. parallel configuration of Apache Spark ™ technique allows for easy expansion.

    d. Onsite edge calculation improves data analysis capabilities of factory areas without external internet.