Nakano-ku,  Tokyo 
  • Booth: L1028
  • - 4th Floor

Equipment and Optical for C-MOS Power device,LED,MEMS

With 50 years of excellent experience on Optical technology, we manufacture various kinds of equipments including Double-sided Exposure System, Double-sided Pattern Inspection System,,Spin Coater& developer(Track), Multi Layer Thickness Inspection System, Nano Inprint, Photovoltaic cell Inspection System *Exposure System* Double-sided Exposure System for f300 Foup(Alignment accuracy; less than ±1µm, through put; 100 plates/H),Double-sided Exposure System for LED(through put; more than 150 plates/H),Manual Exposure System for Development, Double-sided Exposure, Film Exposure, Touch Panel Exposure(Double-Sided Pattern Alignment Inspection System).both sides alignment inspection accuracy ; less than 20nm,(CMOS, Power Device, Crystal, Ink jet, and etc) *Track* Spin Coater & Developer & Hp.CP Integration *Multi Layer Thickness measurement* Spectroscopic Ellipsometer & Optical Interferometer(thickness measurement of more than 10 layeres and layer stress) *Nano Inprint* UV or Thermal type(micro lens, Led, high concentration package) step & repeat repetition accuracy less than 20nm *Inspection System* LED Inspection, Photovoltaic Inspection, Touch Panel AOI *Line scan optical unit for Wide view inspection* Enables the high speed inspection of works at various size such as printed work, & Wafer after exposure. Adapted to Camera device sizef70mm. Streamline the production line with wide view $ high definition inspection *Optical Unit for High resolution/ High definition* Best for bonding, printing & semiconductor alignment, Adapted to 2~5 million pixel camera. Compact. Excellent Line-up. *Optical unit for three wavelength * For LCD, Si transparent inspection, high magnification 100X at max. Enables thin layer fabrication for LCD repair & semiconductor circuit along with laser. *Focus-adjustment-free Laser Auto Focus System * Reduces the inspection time drastically with Auto Focus Adjustment Function.