Zhongshan Dist.,  Taipei 
  • Booth: M0239
  • - 4th Floor

Welcome to our Booth: #185(4F)

We can provide the technology to our customer’s individual needs.

This is because we stretch from design to production for every die, mold, semiconductor die, semiconductor device, and even a part to meet a wide variety of customer’s demands.

For example, normally, insert molding will bring on unnecessary time and money because of fitness and difference of precision of both die and mold.

We can solve this problem by making both die and mold at the same time.

Also, we are enforcing business operation with attaching a high value to technology, so we can response to customer’s request instantly.

Toward the Next Generation

We are developing technologies to fetch in the most-advanced technique around development division for materials, conformation, and crafting technique of die to be used in start from semiconductor to light electrical, food, medical, environment, and so on fields.

In Takara, the root of our technology is cultivated through applying the observational methods and human factors techniques. We believe by coupling with our own skillful hand can deliver all the demanding job.

With the advent of technology and complex microelectronics contribution, all those latest and sophisticated audio and video equipment, home appliances, computers, automobiles, and other products will get possible to reach today''s model.

Semiconductor is the main notability driven force for upgrading our living standard.

Takara produce the world-class tooling. Our mission and goal are to focus at creative energies and the technological know-how that nurturing over the years and applies it accordingly to customer needs without failed.