Teltec Semiconductor Pacific Limited

6F-6, No.28, Tai Yuen St. Chu Pei City, HsinChu, 
  • Booth: L0516
  • - 4th Floor

Welcome to TELTEC Pacific‘s booth - L0516

Teltec Semiconductor Pacific ( is a leading Sales and Service organization serving the Semiconductor (Back End and Front End) and Research Industries in the Asia Pacific Regions for 36 years.

Our represented products cover the following applications:

A) Failure Analysis

i) Yxlon Fein Focus: High Resolution 2D/3D CT X-ray Inspection Systems

ii) Nisene: Automated Acid & Plasma Decapsulation Systems

iii) Teledyne Princeton Instruments: InGaAs CCD for EMMI

iv) Royce: Automated Die Sorters &Universal Bond Testers

B) Metrology

i) Akrometrix: Thermal Warpage and Strain Measurement Systems

ii) Bruker: AFMs, Optical Profilers, Stylus Profilers, Nanoindentors & FTIRs, XRFs

iii) FSM: Metrology Systems for Film Stress and Wafer Bow Measurement

iv) MVP: Automated Optical Inspection Systems

v) Dain: OCR Barcode Printing Systems

 C)  Photolithography

i) Kayaku Advanced Materials (Microchem): Photoresists for MEMS, Compound Semiconductor, E-beam Lithography and Advanced Display and Packaging Applications.

ii) DJ MicroLaminates: Dry Film Resists for MEMS, Compound Semiconductor, E-beam Lithography and Packaging Applications

iii) Nippon Kayaku: Dry Film Resists for MEMS, Compound Semiconductor, SAW Cavity Device, CIS Packaging Applications

iv) OAI: Mask Aligners

v) CEE: Bake Plate, Spin Coaters, Developer, Wafer Bonders & Debonders, Customized Work Stations

vi) Ishiihyoki: Inkjet Printers

vii) NIL: Nano-printers

viii) AML: Wafer Bonder with Aligners

D) Substrate Cleaning and Preparation

i) PVA Tepla: Plasma Deposition & Etching Systems

ii) Jelight: UVO cleaners, UV curing lamps, EPROM erasers, Ozone Generators, Quartz Products for Diffusion Furnaces

E) Reliability

i) Heller: Reflow Ovens, Vacuum Ovens              

ii) Microtronic: Solderability Testers

iii) Irea Tech: Pressure oven, HAST systems 

iv) Web Technology: Bubble Testers

F) Solar

i) Abet: Solar Simulators with IV and QE

G) Film Deposition & Etching

i) Denton Vacuum: Evaporation, Sputtering Systems

ii) Chemcut: Chemical Processing equipments

iii) Veeco: ALD Systems