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Total test solutions for semiconductor

"Toward the Company Creating the Future Value of Technology"

As a Technoloby and Science Enabler in the field of Semiconductor Test and Display Test, TSE has developed the innovative technologies needed by its customers and has engaged in continuous research and productivity improvement activities. Founded in 1994,it has engaged as a leader in interface systems for Semiconductor Test.


  • Fine pitch Space Transformer Solutions
    Fine pitch solution - C4 50um Pad (Bump) pitch. <br />Mems Technology Thin film Stack up Process. <br />Short delivery and Turn Key solutions for Vertical Probe card....

    • C4 Pad Pitch : Mass Production 50um , Development 45um
    • Thickness : 1T // 1.5T // 2.5T
    • Layer : Thinfilm 3 layer + STO Buildup 8+N+8
    • Mems Technology Thin film Stackup process
    • Short delivery than conventional Space TransFormer
    • TurnKey Solution (Design +PCB FAB+STO ML FAB+Probe Card assembly)
  • Direct Docking Solution for Mems Probe card
    Improve CCC than conventional Cobra Probe!<br />Good reliability probing planarity as Mems technology. <br />Various Direct docking wafer probing solutions!...

    • Probe : MEMS Technology process Probe
    • Contact force : 2.5gF/mil
    • CCC : 1500mA
    • Square hole type Housing (Si3N4)
    • Life time :1,5kk
    • Direct docking solution (V93K, Uflex)
    • Turn key Solution (PCB+MLO+Probe Head assembly)
  • Probe Card(HPC)
    HPC:High Performance Probe Card...

    • High parallelism test solution up to 1,500para
    • Pin count up to 35,000pins
    • Automatic Probe bonding

    V93K Direct Docking Mems Probe card

    Improve CCC than conventional Cobra Probe!
    Good reliability probing planarity as MEMS technology.
    Various Direct docking wafer probing solutions!

    • Probe : MEMS Cobra Pin (60x60um Cobra type)
    • Contact force : 1.2gF/mil
    • CCC : 950mA
    • Square hole type Housing (70x70um)
    • Life time 1,5kk
    • Direct docking solution (V93K, Uflex)
    • Easy Replacement and Repair
    • Turn key Solution (PCB+MLO+Probe Head assembly)
  • Load Board
    Load board is an interface board to test SOC package such as CPU, Chipset, GPU and AP. TSE is providing high speed, high performance load board to the major semiconductor customers like Intel, Samsung and AMD in worldwide....

    • V93K 769BGA Dual Site Final Test Load Board (Picture)
    • ATE design library - V93K, T2000, Ultraflex, J750 and many more testers.
    • Accumulated PCB design know-how for 25 years and SI/PI simulation capability
    • TSE has owned PCB Fab and ass'y and test line in house.
    • TSE provides load board including stiffener frame and test socket as a turnkey solution.
  • Extreme Temperature TIB (Test Interface Board)
    Extreme Temperature TIB(Test Interface Board)<br />TSE Interface board specialized in Extreme Temperature Package Test...

  • Extreme Temperature Test has been required in the Memory Test Envoironment.

    TSE has developed our own specialized Interface Board System for Extreme Temperature Pacakge Test.

    Extreme Temperature TIB(Test Interface Board)

    • Extreme temperature Connector developed
    • Docking Epoxy Frame Material developed
    • Direct Cooling Interface Board developed
      • Coolant, Direct Active IC Cooling
      • Component Antioxidants
      • Temp. Reduced stabilization time
  • Coaxial Elastomer Socket : ELTUNE (TM)
    Improve CCC than conventional Cobra Probe!<br />Good reliability probing planarity as Mems technology. <br />Various Direct docking wafer probing solutions!...

  • O.8mm pitch Spring pin Elastomer ELTUNE (TSE)
    Over-drive 0.40 0.25 0.25
    Test-height 3.50 0.60 0.60