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FIL Technology Group is an integrated technology-focused consulting, software system, trading, and value-added services provider in Greater China region.

Our mission is to always deliver right solution in the right place at the right time to address critical issues, add business values and eventually contribute to the sustainable success of the industry. We are aiming to achieve joint successes together with our customers, business partners and technology innovators.

We currently serve customers in several technology segments including semiconductors, flat panel displays, electronic materials, industrial gases, ultra-high purity instruments/components, high tech facility engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) management.

Currently we have three operating entities in Taiwan and China:

  • Flagship International Limited (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • FIL Technology Inc. (Hsinchu, Taiwan)
  • Kingmaker Trading Co. Ltd. (Shanghai, China) 

We ​and our co-exhibiting partner, Linx Consulting Inc. (USA) welcome you to visit our booth K3071 at SEMICON Taiwan


  • Analytics Decision Support System for Industry 4.0
    Flagship's ADSS offerings enable smart manufacturing by providing value-added services...

  • 1.Provide transparency to address uncertainties in manufacturing and understand the process insights

    2.Detect and address invisible issues such as machine degradation, component wear, etc.

    3.Turn Big Data into Decision Support for managements ... 

    Flagship's ADSS offerings enable smart manufacturing by providing value-added services



    Typical Application



    Recipe Optimization

    • Recipe fine-tune

    • Tool sensitivity analysis

    • Process understanding



    Design for Manufacturing

    • Tool / Chamber match

    • Process match



    Quick Release

    • Debottleneck



    Problem Identification

    •Critical step /variable identification



    Monitoring & Control

    • EHM

    • VM for APC


    Yield Mining

    Root Cause Analysis

    • Wafer scoring for yield mining

  • SAS Big Data Analytics
    With in-memory analytics solutions from SAS – from SAS Event Stream Processing to SAS Visual Analytics – you can use analytics to get immediate insights from your big data...

  • What is big data analytics?

    Big data analytics examines large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns, correlations and other insights. With today’s technology, it’s possible to analyze your data and get answers from it almost immediately – an effort that’s slower and less efficient with more traditional business intelligence solutions

    The concept of big data has been around for years; most organizations now understand that if they capture all the data that streams into their businesses, they can apply analytics and get significant value from it. But even in the 1950s, decades before anyone uttered the term “big data,” businesses were using basic analytics (essentially numbers in a spreadsheet that were manually examined) to uncover insights and trends.

    The new benefits that big data analytics brings to the table, however, are speed and efficiency. Whereas a few years ago a business would have gathered information, run analytics and unearthed information that could be used for future decisions, today that business can identify insights for immediate decisions. The ability to work faster – and stay agile – gives organizations a competitive edge they didn’t have before.

    Why is big data analytics important?

    Big data analytics helps organizations harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities. That, in turn, leads to smarter business moves, more efficient operations, higher profits and happier customers. In his report Big Data in Big Companies, IIA Director of Research Tom Davenport interviewed more than 50 businesses to understand how they used big data. He found they got value in the following ways:

    1. Cost reduction. Big data technologies such as Hadoop and cloud-based analytics bring significant cost advantages when it comes to storing large amounts of data – plus they can identify more efficient ways of doing business.
    2. Faster, better decision making. With the speed of Hadoop and in-memory analytics, combined with the ability to analyze new sources of data, businesses are able to analyze information immediately – and make decisions based on what they’ve learned.
    3. New products and services. With the ability to gauge customer needs and satisfaction through analytics comes the power to give customers what they want. Davenport points out that with big data analytics, more companies are creating new products to meet customers’ needs.

    SAS's high-performance analytics lets you do things you never thought about before because the data volumes were just way too big. For instance, you can get timely insights to make decisions about fleeting opportunities, get precise answers for hard-to-solve problems and uncover new growth opportunities – all while using IT resources more effectively.

  • BSI/EORM EHS & Sustainability Consulting
    EORM is now BSI EHS Services and Solutions offering professional environmental, health, and safety compliance and consulting services....

  • BSI/EORM EHS & Sustainability Consulting Services

    EORM is now BSI EHS Services and Solutions offering professional environmental, health, and safety compliance and consulting services.

    We offer world class EHS and sustainability services to enable our clients to :

    • Assess and manage risks
    • Protect employees
    • Preserve the environment
    • Be socially and globally responsible
    • Achieve sustainable environmental, social and economic value

    We bring over 25 years experience providing a comprehensive range of strategic, management, and technical consulting solutions to companies in all industries and government agencies in the US and throughout the world.

  • Enthought AI Solutions
    Enthought is the one company with the experience to navigate critical business challenges and deliver massive improvements in efficiency.<br /><br />"AI for Accelerated Innovation"...

  • 1. 3D Metrology to Automate Analysis

    AI is at the heart of the low-to-no-code  solution facilitating the shift to scalable metrology.

    2. Knowledge Search for Data Insights

    The most comprehensive AI-powered search engine to expedite resolution of business challenges.

    3. Materials & Process Co-optimization

    A robust predictive modeling solution that accelerates scaling to production in the fab.

  • Sartorius/Umetrics SIMCA MVA Solutions
    SIMCA® combines its powerful multivariate engine with interactive visualizations, an intuitive interface, and the ability to automate workflows—for truly user-friendly software that eases your analytical workload from start to finish:...

  • More Power. Less Complexity. Experience the SIMCA® Difference. 

    SIMCA® combines its powerful multivariate engine with interactive visualizations, an intuitive interface, and the ability to automate workflows—for truly user-friendly software that eases your analytical workload from start to finish: 

    • Import data from multiple file formats 

    • Review, plot and explore data interactively to identify important correlations 

    • Click individual data points to reveal underlying contributions 

    • Examine relationships between variables

    • Quickly identify the most important factors and interactions 

    • Implement Python scripts to automate your workflows

    • Investigate and diagnose the root causes of problems 

    • Predict yield, quality and future behavior 

    • Communicate results effectively using the automated report generator 

    • Seamlessly integrate your optimized models into SIMCA®-online 

  • Linx Conferences and Reports
    Linx Reports and Services<br />Advanced Thin Films<br />Cleaning and Surface Prep<br />CMP Specialty Abrasives<br />CMP Technologies and Markets<br />Econometric Semiconductor Forecast<br />Bulk Wet Chemical Report<br />Patterning Materials<br />Specialty Gases<br />Strategic Cost Model<br /><br /><br />...

  • With many years of experience developing, marketing, and consulting in the chemical industry, Linx Consulting offers unparalleled expertise and capabilities for driving strategic and tactical data generation and decision-making for users, specifiers and suppliers of electronic materials.

    Many of the challenges in materials applications are very different when viewed from the perspective of the chemical industry. Our depth of knowledge in the chemical and advanced materials industries gives us a broader perspective of electronic materials and their impact on the development of products and solutions for the electronics markets.

    Linx Consulting has a global network of consultants and materials analysts to offer a broader perspective of the electronic materials industry by combining expertise and capabilities from around the world. This global perspective allows Linx Consulting to reach all major markets for electronic materials and device manufacturing.

    Linx Reports and Services

    Advanced Thin Films
    Cleaning and Surface Prep
    CMP Specialty Abrasives
    CMP Technologies and Markets
    Econometric Semiconductor Forecast
    Bulk Wet Chemical Report
    Patterning Materials
    Specialty Gases
    Strategic Cost Model

    Surface Preparation and Cleaning Conference (SPCC)

    SPCC is a unique opportunity for semiconductor cleaning supply chain players to learn, collaborate and network.
    The Surface Preparation and Cleaning Conference (SPCC) is the world’s largest conference dedicated to cleaning and preparation.
    SPCC offers a unique opportunity for IC manufacturers, equipment makers, chemical and material suppliers, metrology and process monitoring suppliers, and researchers to hear presentations on cutting edge research cleaning technologies for the electronics industry. The scope of the conference encompasses front-end, back-end, equipment, materials, metrology, and equipment developments and issues in wafer cleaning.
    The conference is comprised of invited presentations, reviewed technical oral presentations and posters covering all aspects of cleaning. Invited expert speakers will review key aspects of the surface preparation and cleaning markets.
    Network with Industry Experts
    Technologists, academics, product managers, and marketing managers focused on solving problems in semiconductor cleaning technology will benefit from the Surface Preparation and Cleaning Conference.

    Electronic Specialty Gases (ESG) Conference

    ESGC is a unique annual conference opportunity for ESG supply chain players to learn, collaborate and network.