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Heraeus Electronics – a Global Business Unit of Heraeus Group – is one of the leading manufacturers of materials for the assembly and packaging of devices in the electronics industry.  We develop sophisticated materials solutions for consumer electronics and computing, automotive, LED, power electronics and communications. Core competences include bonding wires, assembly materials, thick film pastes and substrates, and their integration into perfectly matched systems.

 Press Releases

  • 2021 12 28 日,台北訊】半導體與電子封裝領域材料解決方案領導廠商賀利氏今(28)日宣布將在新竹縣竹北市台元科技園區設立創新實驗室,為其全球第五座致力於開發電子產品的創新中心。作為賀利氏及合作夥伴的應用實驗室,其占地 180 平方公尺且擁有最先進設備,預計於 2022 上半年正式啟用,將成為賀利氏電子和賀利氏新創事業—賀利氏數位列印電子應用團隊的聯合創新實驗室,提供客戶共同研發創新合作與更好的技術服務。

    賀利氏電子執行副總暨全球業務副總 Chi Keung Lau 表示:「開設創新實驗室代表賀利氏對台灣電子產業的承諾,同時也是一直以來我們的目標—成為客戶首要技術合作夥伴的重要里程碑。透過就近服務,賀利氏能進一步了解各區域特有的市場挑戰,與在地合作夥伴建立更加緊密的關係;這也意味著我們可以提供更即時的回應、更快速的協助客戶開發與靈活支援。」

    賀利氏台灣創新實驗室將提供迅速、全面的產品測試服務和快速的客製化技術方案。該實驗室最先進的設備包括應用於半導體 IC 的電磁干擾屏蔽(EMI shielding)噴墨列印系統,以及進行錫膏(solder paste)和 IC 銲線(wire bonding)的品質管理和設備相容性測試。此外,客戶也將受益於賀利氏創新實驗室半導體專業工程人員的設計支援、材料分析、故障排除和共同專案研發創新。

    賀利氏數位列印電子負責人 Franz Vollmann 補充:「透過在地實驗室,即使客戶突然在幾小時、甚至幾分鐘內將零組件送至實驗室,也能立刻進行測試。賀利氏能夠將自家材料嵌入客戶開發的產品,快速與便捷地提供客戶測試結果和技術方案。」


    賀利氏將在 2021 台灣國際半導體展(SEMICON Taiwan)展出一系列可被廣泛運用於先進 IC 封裝的材料、技術方案,包含全新的超微小焊墊專用錫膏、高性價比的金包銀焊線、先進環保的再生金焊線以及 IC package 級別的電磁屏蔽系統方案,歡迎於 12 月 28 日至 12 月 30 日蒞臨台北南港展覽館 1 館一樓材料專區的 I2300 號賀利氏攤位了解更多詳情。


    總部位於德國哈瑙市的賀利氏科技集團是一家全球領先的家族投資企業。公司在 1660 年從一間小藥房起家。如今,賀利氏集團的業務涵蓋環保、電子、健康和工業應用等領域。憑藉豐富的專業材料知識和領先技術,賀利氏為客戶提供高品質的創新技術和系統方案。

    2020 年財報,賀利氏的總銷售收入為 315 億歐元,在 40 個國家擁有約 14,800 名員工,名列《財星》雜誌全球五百強。賀利氏被評選為「德國家族企業十強」,在全球市場上佔據領導地位。





  • Taipei, 28. December 2021 – Heraeus, a leading technology group, today announced its plans to open an innovation lab in Taiwan. 

    The Germany-based company plans to establish its new lab in Tai Yuen Hi-Tech Industrial Park in Zhubei City. The 180 square-meter, state-of-the-art facility will serve as a local application lab for the company and its local partners and is expected to open in the first half of 2022.

    The new facility will house application and innovation teams of the Heraeus Global Business Unit Heraeus Electronics and corporate start-up Heraeus Printed Electronics and cater specifically to the regional semiconductor market. It will be the company’s fifth innovation center dedicated to electronics.

    “The new innovation lab reflects Heraeus’ commitment to the region, while also representing a key milestone in our goal to becoming the number one technology partner for our customers,” said Chi Keung Lau, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Sales at Heraeus Electronics. “We are on-site, where our customers face unique market challenges. Being closer to local partners means quicker response times and faster development and support.”

    The Taiwan innovation lab offers quick and comprehensive testing services and tailor-made solutions for local customers with a short lead time. The state-of-the-art equipment of the lab includes an industrial inkjet printing system to conduct multi-unit feasibility tests and proof of reproducibility for EMI shielding as well as quality management and testing equipment for solder pastes and wire bonding. Customers benefit from design support, materials analysis, troubleshooting, and the design of experiments conducted by Heraeus’ local industry experts.

    “With the lab customers can bring parts over in a matter of hours or even minutes and immediately test,” adds Franz Vollmann, Head of Heraeus Printed Electronics. “This enables us to embed our material into customer development and offer a fast and easy response.”

    Jointly testing and developing advanced packaging solutions helps customers improve the first-time success rate and shorten development cycles as today’s electronics devices need to deliver more functionality with more processing power and greater speed. Module complexity and the number of components in system-in-package are increasing, while devices must miniaturize. Customers face cost pressure and a need for higher integration support as well as customization and flexibility.

    Attending Semicon Taiwan? Find our experts in materials pavilion at Booth No. I2300, 1F from December 28th till December 30th.

    About Heraeus

    Heraeus, the technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a leading international family-owned portfolio company. The company’s roots go back to a family pharmacy that started in 1660. Today, the Heraeus group includes businesses in the environmental, electronics, health, and industrial applications sectors. Customers benefit from innovative technologies and solutions based on broad materials expertise and technological leadership. In the 2020 financial year, the FORTUNE Global 500 listed group generated revenues of €31.5 billion with approximately 14,800 employees in 40 countries. Heraeus is one of the top 10 family-owned companies in Germany and holds a leading position in its global markets.

    About Heraeus Electronics

    Heraeus Electronics is a leading manufacturer of materials for the assembly and packaging of devices in the electronics industry. The company develops material solutions for the automotive, power electronics, and advanced semiconductor packaging market and offers its customers a broad product portfolio - from materials and material systems to services.

    About Heraeus Printed Electronics  

    Heraeus Printed Electronics develops system solutions for inkjet printing of conductive inks. These enable hi-accuracy, hi-speed printing of thin layers of silver ink on several substrates. This innovation meets EMI shielding requirements of components, for example System in Package (SiP) in mobile phones.