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Liquid Chemicals Nanoparticle Motoring System

Impurities in chemicals are major yield killers which can cause impacts on the defect formation rate when large amount of liquid chemicals are used to clean, grind and etch the wafer during the semiconductor manufacturing processes. Currently, conventional light scattering particle measurement technologies have been widely used to monitor the quality of liquid chemicals, however, they are also known to be ineffective to monitor particle size below 20 nm in the processing chemicals. It is very challenging to control the manufacturing yield infuture advanced technology nodes.

Innovative Nanotech introduces a revolutionary nanoparticle sizing system, SuperSizer, using the aerosol technologyto accurately and consistently detect the size and quantity of nanoparticles down to 3nm and free from interference of nanobubbles. It helps to improve the yield rates of advanced semiconductor manufacturing processes. SuperSizer is the only tool on the market capable of monitoring killer particle sizes smaller than 20 nm, and is proven to be effective to enhance the improvement of semiconductor manufacturing yield. 

There’re three SuperSizer models for different liquid chemicals: SuperSizer II for CMP slurry, SuperSizer V for IPA and SuperSizer VI for H2O2. Our vision is to be a total solution provider acting as “the eyes of yield improvement in wet processes” through the development of proprietary technologies. We will continue to develop premium products for other chemicals to meet the market needs on yield management.