JC's Chunson Limited

Zhong-He,  New Taipei City 
  • Booth: M0534
  • - 4th Floor

Welcome! Visit us at Booth# M0534.

JC’s Chunson Limited was established at Taipei in 1997. We are specialized in the semiconductor and photovoltaics machines and measurement instrument. We represent in China and Taiwan for G&N - Solar Brick Grinder, Wafer Grinder; E+H - PV and SEMI Wafer Thickness, Warp Gauge, Non-Contact Resistivity Gauge; Sentronics - Optical measurement system for Thickness (Thin-Wafer, Glass, Tape, MEMS), Warp for PV Cell; Hologenix - Magic Mirror, Wafer Edge Defect Detection System.

Our goal is to provide the best-quality service and support to our customers. Please feel free to contact us at website:www.chunson.com