JSC Scientific Controls Co., Ltd.

Taipei City, 
  • Booth: K2180
  • - 1st Floor

is the first Taiwanese vibration isolation brand.

JSC Scientific Controls., Ltd. (JSC) was founded in 1988 to design and manufacture vibration isolation systems for HVAC and industrial applications.

JSCservice the North American, Europe, South East & Middle East market for many years.

To anticipate and respond to all our customers’ needs. JSC is also an ISO 9002 International Certificate and Standards Certificated Supplier after 1995.

JSC Corporate for can effectively develop the American market and may nearly provide USA the local customer the correlation consultation service, investment set up Qontrol Devices Inc in 1998 at Los-Angeles Industry City.

In 2006 JSC for serves China area general Taiwanese businessmen to establish the subsidiary company in Shenzhen.

And plans at the beginning of 2008 establishes the EAST China subsidiary company in Shanghai, provides the domestic and foreign customers to be excellent quality and the service of Vibration Isolation products.

Taiwan is closer to Eurasian Plate which has higher probability to influence by earthquake. JSC created a new isolator “JG Seismic Mount” for adapt the environment.

“Keep learning and Keep innovating” motivate JSC to lead the vibration control field in Taiwan

In order to become the largest Chinese based vibration control business, our goal is the continual improvement of quality to satisfy client needs. Regardless of position, from operations, management, R&D, to manufacturing we all aim for the same goal.

To distance all from the disturbance of vibrations and create a high quality of life living space, and become a business that creates value and well-being.