JST Manufacturing, Inc.

Meridian,  ID 
United States
  • Booth: N0985
  • - 4th Floor

JST is a Supplier of Batch Immersion and Single Wafer Acid, Base, and Solvent Wet Process Equipment.  Both Automated and Manual station configurations are available in wafer sizes from 50mm to 300mm for Etching, Cleaning, Photoresist Stripping, Metal Lift-Off, Developing, Electroless Plating, and many more processes.   JST also supplies IPA Vapor Dryers that can be installed in our Automated Process stations or sold as as stand alone unit. 

We also provide Bulk Chemical Delivery Units and waste collection units.  We also specialize in Parts Cleaning Support Equipment for Horizontal or Vertical Quartz Diffusion tubes, Dry Etch Chamber Parts, Photobowls, EPI Chambers, CVD Chambers, and other custom parts as well.

Please visit us to discuss your wet chemical process requirements.