KITZ SCT Corporation

  • Booth: N0162
  • - 4th Floor

Thank you for your interest in KITZ SCT products.

Kitz SCT is a world-wide leader for manufacturing and custom development of Ultra High Purity Exhaust and Process flow Valves and Fittings. We manufacture UHP Diaphragm, Bellows, and Isolation Exhaust valves. Kitz SCT Supplies products to a variety of industries including Semiconductor Fabricators and Equipment Manufactures, and equipment manufactures for LED, MOCVD, and Photovoltaic processes.

Our manufacturing and development team supports our service offices world-wide with direct support in Japan, United states, France, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, and Taiwan.

You will find our products designed into a variety of fluid delivery applications including Chemical Canisters, Gas Cabinets, and Gas Panels, Wet Process, for a variety of process like ALD, CVD, PVD, MOCVD, CMP, and many others.