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The SUSS MicroTec Group is a leading supplier of equipment and process solutions for microstructuring applications with more than sixty years of engineering experience. 

Our portfolio covers a comprehensive range of products and solutions for backend lithography, wafer bonding and photomask processing, complemented by micro-optical components.

The production of memory chips, cameras for mobile phones or tire pressure sensors – the equipment solutions of SUSS MicroTec are applied within a wide variety of manufacturing processes for applications of daily or industrial use. Customers in the semiconductor industry and related markets like Advanced Packaging, MEMS and LED appreciate our comprehensive experience in wafer processing. This makes us a valuable partner for high-volume production as well as for research and development.


  • ACS300 Gen2 Coater & Developer
    SUSS XBC300 Gen2 offers a comprehensive solution for 2.5D and 3D integration applications. <br />SUSS XBC300 Gen2 Debonder and Cleaner platform is designed for process development as well as high volume manufacturing....

  • The XBC300 Gen2 offers a range of module options specifically designed for debonding and cleaning applications.

    The separation of the carrier from the device wafer is carried out well controlled with minimum stress on the device wafer by either mechanical peel-off or excimer laser-assisted debonding.

    The peel-off debond process is compatible with the largest choice of adhesives and release layers for mechanical debonding. The laser-assisted debond process is based on UV laser technology and light-transmissive carriers such as glass or sapphire. Cleaning functionalities comprise tape mounted thin wafer cleaning with tape protection and carrier cleaning with integrated backside rinse.

    The configuration flexibility of XBC300 Gen2 supports low volume process development as well as high volume manufacturing. The modular cluster design, featuring Dock and Lock™ technology, easily allows upgrading additional process modules in the field in order to extend functionality or increase throughput for moving into volume production. The XBC300 Gen2 offers both, low cost of ownership and process flexibility with full automation.

    The XBC300 Gen2 is the complementary equipment to the XBS300, SUSS MicroTec’s platform for temporary wafer bonding.

    The equipment prepares device wafers for wafer thinning and subsequent back side processing by bonding them to a carrier.

  • MA200 Gen3 Mask Aligner
    Alignment and Exposure for a Multitude of Applications<br />Especially designed for high volume production the MA200 Gen3 mask aligner is suited for automated processing of square substrates and wafers up to 200 mm....

  • The MA200 Gen3 offers intelligent solutions for a large range of process requirements.

    Its various alignment options, flexible optics and special add-ons make it an all-purpose tool for multiple handling and processing needs.

    A high level of automation, e.g. with an optional automatic filter exchange unit, shortens valuable process times and significantly reduces cost of ownership. For an integrated lithography solution the MA200 Gen3 allows clustering with a coat/bake/develop module.

    Ease of use has played a major role in the design of the MA200 Gen3. Features such as an adjustable monitor and an ergonomic I/O interface, a continuous-run loadport and direct view on the exposure stage make it comfortable to work with the MA200 Gen3 even under high work load.

    With its wide range of add-ons the MA200 Gen3 is easily adaptable for specific applications. The optional angular exposure system is designed for processing vertical sidewalls in thick resists. Special wafer handling tooling allows for the treatment of sensitive substrates.

    Check further options of the MA200 Gen3 for special processing needs.