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Neihu Dist.,  Taipei 
  • Booth: J2446
  • - 1st Floor

Welcome to OLYMPUS booth#J2446 exhibit: Industrial Microscope

  • About Yuan Li Instruments

    YuanLi Instrument Co., LTD. was found in 1970 with its headquarter in Taipei and has been being Olympus’ exclusive distributor in the fields of industrial production and medical/biotech detection since then. As the most reliable partner of OLYMPUS in Taiwan, YuanLi has been devoted itself to being one of the most professional instrument supplier with its main focus on industrial microscopes, industrial endoscopes, high-speed camera, micro-measuring instruments, biological microscopes, LCD automatic inspection equipments and so forth.

    In the era of the rapid industrialization and economic growth in Taiwan during the latter half of the 20th Century, YuanLi importing OLYMPUS’ industrial microscopes and industrial endoscopes played an important role in the industries of steel, petrochemical, machinery, electronics, and LCD manufacturing. For now, YuanLi is still providing the most cutting-edge optical instruments and most professional service to clients from various industries such as semiconductor, printed circuit board manufacturing, aerospace industry, automotive, energy, precision machinery and automation, materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, sports science and pollution prevention.

    As for the field of life science research, OLYMPUS’ biological microscopes have been being commonly used for pathological laboratories and education in domestic hospital and college systems since 1970. Along with more and more budgets and investments on biotechnological industries in Taiwan nowadays, YuanLi also introduced the most high-end optical instruments such as confocal laser scanning microscope to Academia Sinica, universities, hospitals and biotechnological companies, thereby establishing the most modern and professional research centers in cell, cancer, neuroscience, IVF/ICSI, pharmaceutical and other interdisciplinary programs.

    As one of the most sophisticated instrument supplier in Taiwan, YuanLi has been well-known for its knowledge, experience, technologies and reliable service within the past 50 years. In the future, YuanLi will provide even more solutions to clients by developing emerging business related to AOI, microscopic imaging, NDI, data science, AI applications and other customization.