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Welcome to TOPWELL, the leading DC FFU Brand in Taiwan

  1. DC FFU specialized manufacturer: TOPWELL FFU is consisted of high efficiency DC brushless motor, which is developed and in-house manufactured solely for FFU application. Due to local manufacturing capability, TOPWELL FFU is recognised as the  most reliable FFU brand in Taiwan. Also the highest production capability enables the in-time delivery to meet the cleanroom construction.
  2. High Efficiency DC FFU: TOPWELL FFU is energy efficient, over 60% of efficiency. TOPWELL FFU has been installed and operated on site for years proving the quality and reliability.
  3. Smart FFU monitoring/control system: TOPWELL is constantly developing the FFU system to enable the intellectualization, via the integration of variable environmental sensor device, (ex. temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration and particle, etc.). The data is collected and analyzed to assure the cleanroom environment control, and further more to achieve the energy saving, preventative maintenance scheduling.
  4. Cleanroom design optimization: incorprating  the cleanroom design concept, the FFU data can be further analyzed to build up the optimized individual design parameters for each process.