PTW Asia Pte Ltd

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  • - 4th Floor

Global supplier for used & upgraded Semiconductor Equipment

We offer a variety of new parts, spareparts, refurbishment and modification of components, as well as full tool refurbishments for

SEZ/LAM wet etch tools.

With over 25 years of experience at our disposal we are able to offer a wide spectrum of existing systems

Particularly we are still able to deliver parts for the first generations (RST100/101/102/103 – SP200/201/203/223 – wet master – 304 – 323 – 4200 – 4300 and DV Tools).

Overview of Products and Services by brands:

2.Suess Microtec Coater and Developer
3.Semitool Raider, Spectrum and Storm
4.ASM Epi, Furnace and PECVD/PEALD
5.Hitachi CDSem and FASem
6.FEI / Thermofisher
7.Core Tool Trading
8.MKS and inUSA Ozone generator refurb/overhaul
9.Through Partners we can offer depending on Region
1.AMAT Epi Centura
2.Nikon Stepper and Scanner
3.AMAT SemVision
4.CVD-PVD Heater and Chuck refurb