Selling-Ware Co., Ltd.

Chu Bei City,  Hsin-Chu County 
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  • - 4th Floor

We could sell everything well (Sellingware)

Selling-Ware company, established in 1990, a professional distributor in the area of SEMICONDUCTOR,OPTOELECTRIC&LCD related materials and equipment provided by well-known manufacturers. Selling-Ware has won numerous awards and recognitions from both our customers and suppliers as a result of its uncompromising and timely service. Through our expertise, we have become  a trustworthy long-term partner  of many  large companies. Our head office is located in the TAI YUAN HI-TECH INDUSTRIAL PARK in Hsinchu, Taiwan. We also have branch offices in Taichung, Kaohsiung,  Kunshan , Suzhou, Shenzhen, Xian and Chengdu from where we can provide excellent local service to our customers.


  1. R-SEMICON:Die collector tools,Rubber tip
  2. MKE:Gold/Copper/Sliver bonding wire,PD coating copper wire/AFPC
  3. INNOX:For Semi-QFN tape,UV dicing tape WBL(DAF) ; For Display-PDPfilter,Display adhesion,ACF
  4. HAESUNG DS:Lead frame,substrate for IC package use
  5. KCC:total material solution for semiconductor
  6. ESA:Design and manufacturing of Burn-In Board
  7. NOWOFOL:Film assist mold(FAM) release film(ETFE film)
  8. SAIL:Diamond sawing blade
  9. NTS:Pogo pin
  10. JEVA:Rubber cleaner


  1. INTEKPLUS:IC package inspection system(AOI)
  2. NEXTIN:Wafer defect inspection system
  3. OMRON:Auto X-ray inspection system(AXI)
  4. Hanwha:Flip chip die bonder
  5. Vision Semicon:Plasma cleaning system,Oven
  6. CNI:EMI shielding sputter
  7. Genesem:EMI shielding automation,Laser marking for substrate or EMC, package P&P
  8. GCOM:SCB(Sawing Coating Back-grinding) solution, FOWLP wafer molding system,COF handler
  9. SSP:Solder ball mount system
  10. Shinsung FA:FAB automation system, AGV
  11. Passion:QFN deflash system,Strip grinding system
  12. PHYS: SiC defect inspection, damage layer thickness measurement
  13. Yang Giao: Flux cleaner for FCBGA,FCCSP,BGA,CSP and COWOS process
  14. Aemulus: AMB5600 is the latest evolution with a complete range of DC, Analog, Digital and RF tester