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DAJA-UHP, your partner of EP/BA/AP pipe and pipe fittings.

DAJA, a quality brand of UHP gas/chemical piping and fittings product manufactuer, a division of Tachia Yung Ho Machine Ind. Co from Taiwan. DAJA design, manufacture and distribute: 1. EP/BA/AP pipe & pipe fittings 2. HP ball valve & butterfly valve 3. UHP diaphragm valve 4. HP compression fittings 5. UHP Mini butt-weld micro fittings 6. UHP Metal Face Seal fittings & gasket 7. UHP CGA/Diss gasket & fitting 8. OEM/ODM UHP valves service DAJA quanlity system is certified as below : ISO 9001-2008 ISO 14000 DAJA''s core manufacturing technology covering scope as below : 1. EP, electro polishing process 2. Abrasive flow polishing process 3. Precision CNC machining mechenical parts 4. Ultrosonic DI water cleaning in clean room 5. Residual oil & grease detecting and measuring technology 6. Clean room TIG orbital welding technolodgy. 7. Leakage testing 8. Precison forging 9. Nickel, VIM VAR stainless steel machining,EP processing and UHP cleaning/packaging