Toplus Energy Corporation

Zhudong Township,  Hsinchu County 
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Toplus Energy was founded in 2008. Our core members comes from ITRI’s fuel cell team and dedicate to fuel cell R&D and production. Toplus Energy insist on designing and manufacturing our own fuel cell stack since establishment. With this, we master the key technologies and provide localized products with high customization and high stability. 

We participated in the Energy Bureau demonstration operation plan during 2009-2014. In this period, Toplus Energy invested a large amount of resources to verify and establish the technical feasibility and stability of the fuel cell as a backup power for telecom base station.

Based on the fuel cell technology, Toplus developed the Electrical-Chemical Hydrogen Purify & Recycling System (EC-HPR). It can separate and recycle H2 from N2 and Ar under normal ambient pressure. This technology not only complies with the target of ecological sustainability, but also help customers to significantly cut the expense.

 Press Releases

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  • Hydrogen Purify and Recovery System|電化學氫氣純化系統

  • We provide a reliable hydrogen recovery solution that delivers long term value. We achieve this through exceptional product design, and our system can be operated at low temperature and normal pressure, which is unmatched in our industry.

    Toplus Energy develop a system to purify polluted hydrogen and recovery it, reducing waste of hydrogen and increasing its cycle life. It’s designed primarily for hydrogen carrier gas use, applied to metal heat treatment, gas chromatography (GC), analytical instrument carrier gas, GaN epitaxy, III/V and II/VI MOCVD.

    It offers a safe, reliable and convenient solution for those using hydrogen for carrier gas, producing the high purity of hydrogen by utilizing a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) to create the hydrogen gas, as well as Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA).

  • Methanol Hydrogen generator|甲醇產氫機

  • The Product is jointly developed by Toplus Energy and Green Hydrotec TEC, it can be used with our fuel cell power system to replace traditional high-pressure hydrogen tank. It also can save costs, increasing safety and extending operation time, which is more suitable for practical application.
  • Fuel Cell Power System|燃料電池發電系統

  • Integrate our core technology to fuel cell power system. The diesel generator is replaced in backup power system due to low maintenance cost, high stability and long running time.
  • Fuel Cell Stack|燃料電池組

  • Stack is our core technology product, which is a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell (PEMFC), and the water-cooled design is more suitable for application. The stack also can be customized with different module according to customer needs.