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It's our great honor to have your visit at booth No. K2376.

Atotech is the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals, equipment, service and solutions for printed circuit board, advanced packaging and semiconductor industries, as well as decorative and functional surface finishing. Everything we do is based on our three priorities of safety, compliance and sustainability. Today, you can find us in more than 40 countries worldwide. In 1997, Atotech Taiwan Limited was formed at Taipei. Our Advanced Tech Centers have the latest technology, including green technology, and professional and knowledgeable staff to provide the best possible service to our Taiwanese customers in order to help them compete in the global market. We are committed to helping our customers achieve sustainable performance and it is our goal to lead the change toward environmentally responsible technologies within the plating industries.

阿托科技是全球領先的化學原料、製程技術和專用設備的供應商,產品應用於印刷電路板、高階封裝、半導體製造、電子零組件、航空與汽車產業。我們注重安全,遵守道德規範,並致力於環境永續經營。阿托科技為貼近顧客,於全球設有40個營業服務據點。 1997年在台灣成立阿托科技股份有限公司。透過臺灣「先進技術研發中心」,不斷開發和引進國際上最尖端的技術,包括了綠色環保科技;希望造就卓越的專業人才、提供客戶更優質的服務、提昇台灣產業的國際競爭力。不論是過去、現在和未來,阿托科技承諾積極致力於綠色技術的研發和推廣,為我們所服務的行業之永續發展做出示範與貢獻。