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TECNISCO was established in 1970 as a processing service provider for precision components, taking advantage of DISCO Corporation's cutting and grinding technologies. Since then, we have developed and integrated our technology fields into a "Cross-edge" technology which crosses five leading-edge technologies such as cutting, grinding, polishing, metalizing, and bonding, thus supporting high-tech products in the industries of optical communication, industrial laser, AV/mobile, projector, automotive and medical devices.

Now, with “ The TECNISCO WAY “which clearly defined our corporate values, every single staff member of our company continuously challenges creativity and evolution. With our advanced "Cross-edge" technology, we promise that we will continue to provide first-grade products and services to our customers to become a real solution partner who can realize what our customers really want.

We will greatly appreciate your continued support and encouragement.


此外,在明確公司價值觀的“The TECNISCO WAY”的基礎上,每位公司職員都不斷進行獨創性的挑戰,養成了不斷進步的企業文化。通過我們獨創的精微加工技術,持續提供一流品質的產品和服務,當客戶提出的“這個是否也能加工?”的詢問時,我們會與客戶共同解決,實現成為真正的合作夥伴這一目標。



  • Through glass via
    Most suitable for miniaturizing semiconductor devices. The metal via can improve the high-frequency properties of the devices...

  • 3-dimensional wafer-level-packaging (WLP) is the most suitable for miniaturizing semiconductor devices. It also can improve the high-frequency properties of the devices with the metal via.


  • Cavity / Cap glass
    Hi-precision cavity can be formed inside of the glass wafer. Transparent and thinner finish is available on the cavity bottom...

  • Hi-precision cavities can be formed inside of the glass wafer. With transparent and thinner finish on the cavity bottom, it can work as a window which transmits laser light or LED light without distortion, or through which observation is possible by an oil immersion microscope.


  • Cu-AlN-Cu submounts
    Cu-AlN-Cu composite-type submount with high thermal conductivity leading to the decrease in thermal stress to LD. Insulation type...

  • This is a heat sink for high-power LD (Laser diode) modules. Three-layer composition achieves both high thermal conductivity and insulation quality. Control of Cu plating thickness makes the heat sink match with the LD, resulting in higher power and longer life of the LD module. Because pullback is not required on the critical edge area, it has a high degree of freedom in designing. Moreover, it can be applied to a variety of application by this freedom in design.


  • Metal diamond composites
    Silver based diamond composites are now ready to provide for advanced thermal management...

  • This material features an excellent thermal conductivity and a relatively low thermal expansion that no past materials were capable of. Combining our conventional ingenious technology and experience, we have succeeded in creating a long-lasting, reliable material beneficial for high power applications.


  • Diamond Tools
    Significant improvement in longevity of processing quality made possible by all-blade core drill....

  • By eliminating the base part, the All-blade core drill composed entirely of whetstone made it possible for longer life of the tool and moreover the extremely thin cutting edge improves processing quality.


  • Micro-hole glass
    Leads to the miniaturization of devices in combination with semiconductors/electronic parts<br />...

  • Anodic bonding with a silicon wafer can result in solving the out-gas issue. It can be used in the wafer-level-packaging (WLP) process.