TricornTech Taiwan Corporation

  • Booth: L0507
  • - 4th Floor

Since 2013, Tricorntech has launched a series of industrial application products. By using a state-of-the-art gas analysis platform as the core technology for VOC detection, light-weight solutions offering laboratory-grade performance can be deployed onsite to provide precise, continuous, and speedy monitoring results.

As the sole manufacturer in Taiwan with its own complete R&D team, Tricorntech possesses the expertise to build customized hardware and software configurations and create the most cost-effective solutions based on various industry and application requirements.

As we continue to develop gas analysis products specialized in cross-domain applications, Tricorntech aims to assist businesses and governments with managing environmental safety issues, increasing product yields, controlling the quality of raw materials, reducing wasted resources, and saving electricity. By taking advantage of existing systems, customized solutions, and product integrations, air quality clients will always be able to find the optimal system configuration to meet their monitoring needs.

Our vision for the future is to become a world class company recognized for its industry-leading micro gas detection technologies.