Trusval Technology Co. Ltd.

Miaoli County, 
  • Booth: L0200
  • - 4th Floor

TRUSVAL TECHNOLOGY Co., LTD. provides solutions for the advanced gas and chemical processes in the facility system in semiconductor industry.

TRUSVAL designs and manufactures equipment and works with customer to determine the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions based on their need. 

Business Scope

Facility System

  • System Integration Engineering
  • Chemical Dispense System
  • Slurry Dispense System
  • Gas Dispense System

Functional Water Equipment

  • Gas-Liquid Dissolving Technology
  • CO2 -DIW Dissolver
  • O3 -DIW Dissolver
  • H2 -DI Dissolver
Waste Treatment System
  • Advanced Oxidation Processes
  • Waste Acid de H2O2
  • Waste Solvent de H2O2
  • Waste Solvent de Sulfide (DMSO Remove)
  • Waste IPA Reclaim / Degrade
  • Membrane Technology