Wings Global Technology Inc.

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  • Booth: M1056
  • - 4th Floor

Welcome to WGTI Booth No. M1056

Wings Global Technology Inc. (WGTI), founded in June 2016, has been focusing on R&D and production of Photo Sensitive Poly Imide (PSPI) products in the following applications.

  • Advanced Packaging
  • Stress Buffer in IC
  • Substrates for Optoelectronic Display Devices

These PSPI products including negative and positive ones are with the following properties and advantages to enable our customers to improve product quality and reduce cost mainly.

  • High Electric Insulating / High Mechanical Strength / High Adhesion Strength to Substrates (Si, SiO2, Cu, Al…)
  • Low Dielectric Constant & Dissipation Factor / Low Moisture Uptake / Low Inner Stress
  • Corrosion, Hygrothermal and Irradiation Resistant
  • High/Low Thermal Stable
  • Easy Processing
  • Harmless & Environmentally Friendly

Also, our team is capable of providing customer-oriented adhesion promoter chemical which is related to PSPI application to solve delamination issue.

In addition, WGTI designs a system with magnetic parts installed in cooling tower in Chung Yuan University for purpose of electricity saving and reduction of CO2 emission / water consumption. The outcomes are impressive and result in winning phase II expansion in customer site.

We are committed to solving our customers’ challenging issue in their process or operation through material science of polymer synthesis and collaborative customerized products and system.