Hypersonic, Inc.

Taoyuan City, 
  • Booth: N0676
  • - 4th Floor

Hypersonic will be your best semiconductor solutions gateway

Founded in 1987, Hypersonic has been a professional semiconductor and electronics industry distributor for decades.

Hypersonic specializes in IC packaging, IC testing, MEMS, Opto electronics, and automation systems.

We provide customers with overall value-added services, including product development, technical support, and process integration. Our business is mainly based in East Asia.

We have 6 sales offices and one manufacturing center in Taiwan and China. These facilities can offer our customers resource-integrated solutions and in-time services. Each member of Hypersonic cooperates closely with principles to provide optimal services to customers.

Our staff consists of an excellent team with sufficient experience in the IC industry. Taking the customer-oriented approach, we focus on providing the best solutions to our customers.

Continuous training and broadening professional technology are what we are always pursuing, which can give the customers the competitive edge to succeed in today’s dynamic market.


  • Johnstech
    Johnstech offers test contactors and related services with the highest electrical and mechanical performance on the market....

  • Johnstech is a global R&D leader in the field of microcircuit testing, providing reliable, cost-effective testing solutions for automotive, commercial, and industrial applications. Founded in 1991 by David Johnson, Johnstech works hand-in-hand with the world’s most respected OSATs, foundries, and EDA companies to develop the most precise and dependable test contactors on the marketplace today. Customer will see the profits increased with Johnstech's lower cost of test ownership and better overall equipment effectiveness. Also, get great Johnstech value-added services such as field applications engineering, field service engineering, and advanced engineering services like electrical and thermal modeling. The data included on this page is a guideline, as there are many factors that determine a contactor's suitability to your test solution. For a customized consultation in Taiwan, contact us or a Johnstech service office.
  • SPEA
    Your Best Way To Test...

  • SPEA Automatic Test Equipment is used to test semiconductors, MEMS, electronic boards, that are utilized in automotive, consumer, industrial, medical, defense, and other fields.
    Creativity. Innovation. Ingenuity. Since 1976, SPEA designs and manufactures the best automatic test equipment for Semiconductor ICs, MEMS, electronic boards and modules. The company works every day to remain a global leader in this high-tech field.
    From vehicles to smartphones, from tablets to the most complex aerospace, medical, military devices. With SPEA equipment, semiconductor and electronics manufacturers can ensure, day by day, the quality and reliability of their products.


  • Musashi
    Major : Fully Auto Dispensing system , dispensing module...

  • Dispenser for FlipChip underfill,MEMS devices , Camera module and sensors.
    MUSASHI is a complete manufacturer of dispenser , with the overwhelming share of the dispenser market in Japan. MUSASHI is always creating new types of precision liquid control technology for use in complex or just emerging technical fields. 

    PARMI inspection system allows you to inspect a full range of devices; from semiconductor products to 40mm of height without special options or inspection speed loss....

  • PARMI system will completely validate your production improvements through detecting concerned defects from solder ball, die pattern, die scratch, die crack, wire bond existence / disconnects, epoxy, and many more.
    Utilizing PARMI’s cutting edge laser technology and tele-centric high-speed camera system enables the system to scan the entire panel including wafer surfaces and recognizes all the different X,Y,Z coordinates comparing to the originally laid out location in full details and renders real time 3D profiles complied with color. Inspection results contain not only the defect information but also real time Z-axis tracking. PARMI system informs the user the condition of entire surface which includes: warpage tracking, Foreign Object Detection (FOD), contamination, and can also be utilized as a precise measuring tool for specialized processes and solutions.
    PARMI technology has been proven in both the SMT & Semiconductor industries as a key provider for real time production solutions that allows users to program with extreme ease, ultimately resulting in lower than average false call rates and escape rates.


  • PVA Tepla
    Unique Microwave Plasma Processing systems ; batch type plasma and world fastest Strip type plasma...

  • PVA TePla specializes in unique Batch and Strip-to-Strip Microwave Plasma Processing systems for silicon, compound semiconductors, MEMS, FPD, and solar cell manufacturing.
    we are a global, high technology company with ISO-certified cutting-edge R&D facilities in the United States....

  • we are a global, high technology company with ISO-certified cutting-edge R&D facilities in the United States.
    More than a manufacturer, we are a global, high technology company with ISO-certified cutting-edge R&D facilities in the United States that enable us to manufacture groundbreaking products such as Keteca Diamaflow™, the world’s leading brand of dicing solutions and surfactants, and Keteca Diamablade™, a technological breakthrough featuring superior blade performance.