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邦飛凌科技股份有限公司主要業務為Bonding相關製程,有關Bonding的任何問題,邦飛凌幫助您。不論是黏晶_固晶設備(Die Bonding)、打線設備(Wire Bond)、電漿清潔設備(Plasma clean)、真空燒結爐(Vacuum Sintering Oven)、熱壓合設備(HotBar)等…

商品涵蓋的產業包括SMT/PCBA電路板組裝,IC Packaging半導體封裝,LED發光二極體製造,FPD平面顯示器,Solar Cell/Module太陽能電池/模組,客戶遍及台灣,大陸與香港之代工製造廠,大專院校與科研院所,累積了無數寶貴的經驗。


  • F&S BONDTEC | Wire Bonder / Ribbon Bonder
    ●The most complete program worldwide for bonding and testing equipment ●Our Desktop-Micro-Factory provides all wire bond processes and, in addition, all test methods in a single desktop machine base...


    • Unbeatable flexibility
    • Changeable bondheads for all wirebond and testing process
    • Fully automatic bonding with manual part feeding
    • Store an unlimited number of bond programs
    • Extremely adaptable bond settings, loop shapes, force and power profiles etc.
    • Most powerful pattern recognition system on the market
    • Innovative and intuitiv programmable software
    • Travel distances 100 x 100 mm
    • 6 in 1

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  • TRESKY | Flexible Automatic Die Bonder
    ● Tresky DIE Bonder combines precision with customization. ● The ultimate bonding platform from prototyping to volume production. ● It is build on a bigger granite gantry to combine space with the highest level of bonding accuracy....

  • Technical Data

    Travel Range with Wafer  590 mm x 560 mm
    Wafer Size  2” – 12” (Ring & Frame) 
    Travel Range w/o Wafer 740 mm x 560 mm  
    Z-Movement  120 mm
    Chip Rotation max. up to 360°  
    Bond Force Range 10 g to 10.000 g *
    Axis Speed up to 1.8 m/sec  
    Placement Accuracy 2.5 μm @ 3 sigma  
    Axis Resolution XYZ: 0.01 μm, Theta: 0.01°
    Min./Max. component size 80 μm – 100 mm **  
  • F&S | Automatic Heavy Wire / Heavy Ribbon Bonder
    The Heavy-wire version of the automatic wire bonders in our Series 86 featuring exchange able bond heads. Built-in pattern recognition makes the machine perfect for R&D, Pilot manufacturing and middle volume production....

  • Battery Bonding Solution: SERIES 86

    • Maximum flexibility through working area up to 512 x 720 mm for a variety of applications such as battery bonding
    • Expandable to fully automatic bond tester
    • Unbeatable price-to-performance ratio
    • Store an unlimited number of bond programs
    • Extremely adaptable bond settings, loop shapes, force and power profiles etc.
    • Most powerfull patern recognition system on the market
    • Innovative Software
  • F&K | Ultrasonic measurement system for WireBonder
    With 20 years experience, F&K Physiktechnik offer unique measurement technology for characterizing and optimally setting up ultrasonic systems in bonding machines. We are system supplier for all users of ultrasonic bonding technology....

  • Transducer-Test-System

    • A universal tool to scan & diagnose the electrical properties of any ultrasonic transducer in the field.
    • Measures all electrical characteristics of the ultrasonic system by scanning over a frequency range:
      • Resonance frequency
      • Resonance impedance
      • Phase angle

    Optical Displacement Measurement System 

    • High accurate opto-electronic measurement system (vibrometer)
    • Measures:
      • Vibration amplitude (peak-peak)
      • Vibration frequency
      • optional: Bond force
    • Frequency measurement up to 250 kHz
    • Able to measure the K&S dual frequency transducers at both frequencies. Integrated in UI of IConnPS Bonder softwareS
    • Shinkawa Package for Shinkawa ball bond machines

  • budatec | Vacuum Soldering Systems Expert
    The budatec main business areas are thermal systems as well as products and solutions for electronic manufacturing. The main focus is on vacuum soldering systems and systems for sintering semiconductor chips....

  • The smallest and most powerful generation of vacuum soldering systems.

  • TRESKY | Die Bonder & Component Placer
    Tresky - with 40 years’ experience - provides support specific applications with our highly accurate and innovative systems. We offer special & customized equipment,and diligently work to fulfill complex process requirements....

  • Manual Bonder with semi auto. process capabilities

    Wafer Handling capability

    The new T-5000 series shine in applications with highest precision requirements, such as flip-chip, or eutectic placement. An optional high-resolution beam splitter unit allows sub-micron placement accuracy. 

    -W version in T-5000 series is able to handle wafers with Tresky's electric die ejection system.

    True Vertical Technology™, which guarantees parallelism between chip and substrate at any connection height.

    Typical and customized applications

    • Die sorting from wafer into waffle packs or gel packs
    • Die attach with adhesive (stamped or dispensed)
    • 3D packaging of MEMS, MOEMS, VCSEL, Photonics, ...
    • High-precision placement with visual adjustment by beam-splitter unit for look-up inspection of
      edges, corners or patterns, e.g. for laser bars
      • Flip-Chip with ultrasonic die attach
      • Flip-Chip with adhesives or anisotropic foils
      • Sensor assembly
      • UV curing of die attach
      • Eutectic bonding of AuSi, Copper Pillar and others
      • Ultrasonic bonding on a curved surface