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Welcome finding Daikin as a NO.1 Fluorochemicals supplier.


Known as a global air-conditioning group, Daikin is also a professional NO.1 Fluorochemicals supplier.  From basic HF & refrigerant, Daikin derived more than 1900 kinds of products which are wildly applied on semi-conductor, green energy, automobile, and life science etc. 

Taiwan Daikin Advanced Chemicals, Inc. (TDC) was set up in 2001 as subsidiary of Daikin Chemical Division.  We also have joint venture with Formosa Plastics (FPC), Formosa Daikin Advanced Chemicals Co., Ltd., which produce HF for semi-conductor application in Kaohsiung. 

We do more for the future.

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    NEOFLON PFA AP-Serie has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance and electric properties as well as PTFE. It is designed to be compatible with various melt forming methods.

  • The high-purity PFA-SH series has made big achievements in the manufacturing process of semiconductors due to the low elution of fluoride ions and particles.
    Daikin lines up product items of general grade, high purity grade, and antistatic grade.


    - A copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and perfluoroalkylvinyl ether.

    - Various melt molding methods are available such as extrusion molding, injection molding, transfer molding, and compression molding.

    - It has been used in many semiconductor sites due to its highly purity by stabilizing treatment of end groups.
    - Heat resistance, inertness for almost all chemicals and excellent weatherability.
    - Retains mechanical strength at a wide temperature range from-200°C to 260°C.
     - It is excellent in electrical insulation and high-frequency characteristics. It effectively works in the field of electronics such as high speed communication cables.
    - It has excellent flame retardancy (limiting O2 index 95 vol%, UL94V-0).


    NEOFLON PFA AP-Serie has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance and electric properties as well as PTFE. It is designed to be compatible with various melt forming methods.

    - Composite injection molded part
    - Life science
    - Wire and cable
    - High-purity tubes and bottles
    - Filming
    - Sheet for corrosion resistant lining

    DAISAVE SS-54 is environmental friendly fluorinated liquid with low GWP and low toxicity.

  • Features

    • DAISAVE SS-54 is the Hydrofluoroether (HFE) solvents.
    • Has Excellent environmental performance (Low GWP, zero ozone depletion potential) and safety for humans (Allowable concentration 500ppm).
    • Has no flash point, quick-drying, easy to handle.
    • Contributes to energy saving by low viscosity characteristics at low temperatures.

    Examples of expected applications

    • Cleaning
      • Precision cleaning of electronic components.
      • Removal of particulates and light crude oil.
      • Cleaning of fluorinated oil.
    • Dilution Solvent
      • Lubricant solvent Reaction solvent.
      • Reaction solvent.
    • Heat Transfer fluid
      • Coolant liquid for semiconductor.
      • Heat pipe.
      • Heat pump fluid.
  • Chemical resistant coating and sealing material
    Fluoro Sealant (under development)

  • "Fluoro Sealant", developed by Daikin, is a chemical resistant coating and sealing material, as well as an excellent water vapor barrier.  A fully cured Fluoro Sealant functional film not only is an effective water vapor barrier with excellent chemical resistance, but also is capable of withstanding high voltages.  Our Fluoro Sealant can be applied over a range of viscosities by a variety of techniques.  Fluoro Sealant curing is initiated by exposure to moisture.  It can be cured at room temperature and accelerated by heat.  UV-cured formulations are additionally available. 

    Technical data

    Expected uses of Fluoro Sealant

    As an example of application in the field of information and communications technology, Fluoro Sealant may be used as an encapsulant to fill the small gap at the edge of a display.  As the wearables and designs of electronic devices become more diversified, the need to protect internal components from solvents, chemicals (cosmetics), moisture, etc. can be met by shielding them from damage with our highly chemical-resistant Fluoro Sealant.

    <Other expected uses>

    ・Protection from automotive ATF oil

    ・Low temperature seal (Low temperature liquid gasket)

    ・Power, semiconductor, and insulating film for electrowetting

    ・Precision release resin

     Daikin also provides technical support for the preparation of samples with different viscosities and coating methods depending on the purpose of use. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or sample requests.