Chieftek Precision Co., Ltd.

Tainan City,  Taiwan
  • Booth: P5406


cpc has expanded the product portfolio of the existing linear guides, linear motors, linear stages, encoders, and drives. In 2021, the six-axis miniature robotic arms DB0, S0, and the software PLC cpcStudio were also officially launched. Its superior mechanical and electrical integration capabilities have laid the foundation for mechanical design and expanded the entire range of products and services to various levels. Among them, cpcRobot won the gold medal at the 2021 LEAP Awards in the United States.

The advent of Industry 4.0 represents the need for more industrial automation and intelligence. cpc is a professional manufacturer and developer of key technologies for intelligent automation and the high-precision industry. As the old saying goes, a tree is not afraid of a violent typhoon because its roots are firmly rooted. cpc provides high-quality linear guide, linear motor, linear motor stage, industrial robot, mini robotic arm, sub-system, and software PLC products, which will be able to respond to the rapid progress of the whole global market and help customers achieve more high -End product requirements.

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