Chuan Hung Technology Co., LTD.

Yanchao Dist.,  Kaohsiung 
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Chuan Hung Technology Co., Ltd. (CHTME) takes the processing of components such as the semiconductor industry, transportation industry, medical equipment industry, aerospace, and optoelectronics industry as the main field.

At CHTME we combine the skill and expertise of our engineers and machinists with the latest in milling center technology to deliver hand-crafted perfection on a mass production level. Using the best talent and machinery we are able to deliver finished products quickly and flawlessly.​

CHTME can be machining a variety of types of materials for customer requirements and in line with customer needs to integrate the various manufacturing process.​


1. Process Planning

Process planning of CNC machining is critical to ensure the cost, time, and quality parameters of manufacturing operations. We will help you to make a multitude of decisions regarding machines, cutting strategies, tools and process parameters, etc.

2. Quality Control

We have passed ISO 9001: 2015 certification and we hold ourselves to the highest quality control standards. Using several inspection instruments, our team verifies the quality and function of your products. Products are carefully inspected by quality control ensuring they meet your specifications, all required standards.

3. Mechanical Design

We use dedicated project teams who will oversee the design, production, post-production, assembly, and packing processes of your design. We are dedicated to increasing efficiency and removing the potential for error. Keeping your costs and lead-time to a minimum are our priorities.

4. Supply Chain Management

Helping to determine and source the right type and amount of raw materials for your project, we handle every step of the way.

5. Materials

The development trend of multi-functional mechanical products requires the miniaturization of parts. In order to meet the requirements, the materials used must have high hardness, high strength, and high wear resistance, and materials with these characteristics are particularly difficult to process. We can meet the requirements processing of various materials, such as Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Iron, Titanium Alloy, Inconel, Tungsten, Copper, SNCM Alloy, PTFE, PVDF, PEEK, PI, Delrin..etc.