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CKplas will participate in SEMICON Taiwan (Booth J2640).


“Quality Product, Client Satisfaction” has always been our belief of and promise to customers since CHUNG KING established in 1988. As such, all products that CHUNG KING produces obtain great appreciation. The reasons for our success are that we help customers to be competitive among competitors and that all our staff mind the company’s core value “Sincerity, Diligence, Honesty, Innovation”. With efforts and full support from our staff, the company’s core value is fully delivered and meanwhile creates value for customers’ products. “Our achievement relies on customer value and our growth derives from customers’ recognition.” We provide services based on their needs and obtain appreciation because of our professionalism. By using integrated strategy to elaborate the value of our know-how, we create the uniqueness for customers. Being effective and efficient is what we have been looking for.


  • Panel FOUP (FoPLP FOUP)
    Fan-out Wafer Level Packaging
    Semiconductor advanced process
    SEMI Standard...

  • Panel FOUP

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    Carry square glass , Glass Panel and PCB carrier board. Panel FOUP for FoPLP (Fan-out Panel Level Process) is used in panel- level fan-out packaging . Panel FOUP carries large-area and ultra-thin carriers. The large-size, multi-layer one-piece customized design significantly reduces process costs. Panel FOUP supports automated transmission (AMHS), import, mechanical opening, assisting the customized needs of emerging technologies and special processes, providing the best automation assistance for heterogeneous integration

    ● One-piece molded design, high strength, thin and light, low resonance, achieving superior air-tight effect.
    ● Simplified parts, reduce parts loosening and avoid accumulation of dirt, ensure safe and reliable automatic operation.
    ● Antistatic, low dust generation and wear-resistant. Support is manufactured using a special CFRP construction method and has high load-bearing rigidity.
    ● Comply with SEMI standard (E181, E181.1~E181.4)
    ● Taiwanese Patent No.:M552477、M552478、 M588105、M588108、M588355
    ● Chinese Patent No.:CN210556833U

  • FOUP Adapter
    Wafer Adapter...

  • FOUP Adapter

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    Place adapter into FOUP.
    For handling 8-inch wafer on 12-inch FOUP.
    Handle 8-inch wafer on 12-inch process equipment

  • OHT Reticle SMIF Pod

  • OHT Reticle SMIF Pod

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    OHT Mask Automated Transfer Box / OHT Reticle SMIF Pod / RSP150
    High cleanliness prevents airborne contamination, ensuring safe transportation and storage of 6-inch masks between process stations. Applicable for automated exposure machines.

    Equipped with a clean air inflation feature, it can control the temperature and humidity within the light shield transfer box, creating a microenvironment. It also features a Top Flange design and supports rapid transfer through AMHS's OHT.

    It can be paired with equipment such as exposure machines, light shield inspection machines, and POD automated stockers, among other related tools used in the light shield manufacturing and transfer processes. Brands like ASML, Nikon, KLA, etc., which comply with SEMI SMIF specifications, offer compatible models for integration.

  • OHT Wafer SMIF Pod
    SEMI standard...

  • OHT Wafer SMIF Pod

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    Wafer SMIF Pod is able to load Cassette with wafers inside, provide protection to wafers during delivery and storage between process and process. Size comply with SEMI standard, provide high cleanliness to wafer loading and automation solution, which can be used in SEMI Auto ALU Automatic Machine.